Introducing our revamped product offerings | The Ather 450X and Pro Pack

Hey folks,

We’re revamping our product offerings to make an Ather scooter accessible to more customers. The Ather 450X will be available for the ones who love the performance, reliability and consistency of an Ather scooter. You can opt for the optional Pro Pack and upgrade the 450X in three key areas: Charging, Connectivity and Smarts, and Convenience.


  • The Ather 450X now comes bundled with a charger by default. The Pro pack enables faster charging using any 5A electrical socket with the purchase of an additional charger that can charge your scooter from 0 to 80% in 4 hrs 30 mins
  • Enables access to Ather’s network of 1300+ fast public charging stations around the country, enabling you to top up your scooter at up to 1.5km/min.

Connectivity and Smarts:

  • 7 inch color TFT touch screen with 16M colors with Dark/light themes
  • Always On 4G LTE, GPS
  • On-board Google Maps Navigation with Live traffic view
  • Access to Ather App for remote charging monitoring, ride statistics, Remote charge and location monitoring, Savings Tracker, locate nearby Ather Grid points, Multi-stop trip planner, and push location to scooter.
  • Document storage on dashboard
  • Theft and Tow alerts
  • Bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone to accept/reject calls, and control music playback on the fly
  • Connectivity and Smart features are enabled by Ather Connect Pro. Ather Connect is bundled with the performance pack for the first 3 years from the date of purchase.


  • Ride modes for different scenarios - Eco, Smart Eco, Ride, Sport and Warp, with TrueRange® display to give you an accurate estimate of the range remaining.
  • OTA updates that continuously improve the scooter and add new features
  • AutoHold, Reverse Assist, Guide me home lights, Auto cut-off indicators. The Performance Pack is the best way to take advantage of the Ather scooter and the ecosystem with smart accessories such as the Ather TPMS.
  • Remote monitoring of Tyre Pressure, unsafe tyre pressure alerts, and puncture alerts with the purchase of Ather TPMS as an accessory
  • Best in class 5 year or 60000 km warranty on the battery pack with performance guarantee.

For those looking for a more accessible way to buy an Ather 450X, you could opt out of the Pro pack. The Pro pack makes your ride smarter and more convenient, for those who want to make the most of their rides. With the new 450X coming in, the Ather 450 Plus is being phased out. The 450X now starts at Rs. 98,183 (ex-showroom, Delhi), with the Pro pack and a faster home charger available as add-ons.

There are no changes for existing owners.

For full specifications of the 450X and what the Pro pack enables, you can visit our website at


I just bought 450 plus 15 days ago :sweat:


You guys should consider plus upgradation to people who have just bought the vehicle felt cheated.


I’m sorry this is so much confusing for me now. How does this affect the existing 450X users?

Does this mean the normal 450X without the Pro pack will not be able to use the public fast charging points?

Does this 3 years Ather Connect Pro apply to the existing 450X users?

No OTA updates for the new 450X without Pro Pack?

What do you mean ‘Faster home charger’? Do you mean the portable charger? If so, any improvements made on portable charger to support fast charging?


This is big news. I think the EC should have informed the buyers who got the deliveries in the last 10 days irrespective of the model. The on-road prices have also gone down for the 450x with Performance upgrades by approx 18k in all the cities.


As per the post, * The Ather 450X now comes bundled with a charger by default. The Pro pack enables faster charging using any 5A electrical socket with the purchase of an additional charger that can charge your scooter from 0 to 80% in 4 hrs 30 mins I think the charger is the same. I wonder what the regular speed will be like if they call this fast charging


Nothing changes for existing owners of any Ather 450 scooter.


Can the existing 450 Plus owners subscribe to the Pro plan for availing all the features?


Wooaah bug update. Too much to read and process :grin:


I agree. At least they could have upgraded the processor keeping in mind the issues current owners are facing especially with the maps. It’s an interesting read. Performance is now the same for both models. Its features like ride mode, 4G/ GPS connectivity/ ride modes/ color display will not be available without the pro plan


I think you are better off with you 450 Plus since you have more features than the new 450x without the pro plan.


The Plus model is phased out as I understand.


A Big Whyyyy ?? @abhishek.balaji @tarun


May be in June 2023, as per the Ather Upgrade program, the OG Ather 450 owners will be offered which scooter?

  • Ather 450x 3.1 without Pro Pack

  • Ather 450x 3.1 with Pro Pack

  • Something else.


oh wow, this has come out of nowhere.

here’s what ive understood so far:

the new lineup will be 450x and 450x Pro pack

while hardware wise they seem to be the same, again software limited features. some limitations to note:

  • greyscale ui

  • no internet connected or smart features

  • no modes (eco, ride, sport etc) however the torque and power seem to be same, so probably always on warp?

  • no reverse and no auto hold

also looks like there will be 2 different home chargers now. the one free with scooter will probably be extremely slow, while you buy the normal one separately (which seems to be same as the one we used to get before this announcement)


also fingers crossed but lets hope they upgrade all the + to Pro pack for free🤫


Yea I got that. Amaan got his Plus delivered 2 weeks ago. There are more features on the Plus than the new 450x without Pro pack (except performance)


Just checked the site. It says personal charger so I guess the charger will be the same as earlier


Even the existing customers get pro connect for 3 years from the date of purchase