Introducing Neighbourhood Charging

Hey folks

If you know someone who is looking for a comprehensive EV charging solution for their apartment/university/office/commercial space, here’s something you could recommend - the Ather Neighbourhood Charger.

Once installed at a location, here’s how an EV owner can start using it:

  1. download either the Ather app or the Ather Grid app
  2. scan the QR code on the Charger
  3. plug in their EV’s portable charger and start charging

Benefits for the Neighbourhood Charger host

  • The charger is compatible with electric two-wheelers, three-wheelers and four-wheelers too.
  • The charger monitors power consumption per charging session, so hosts don’t need to manually track it.
  • Online payment can be done post-charging on-the-spot, eliminating the hassle of payment collection.
  • Charger status visible online via the Ather Grid app for users, so the host won’t receive availability queries.

P.S. The host will also be able to track units of electricity consumed and payments settled against it on the Host dashboard.

Smart convenience for users

  • Check charger availability online
  • LED indicators to visually indicate the availability of the charger
  • Monitor your charging session from anywhere
  • Auto cut-off once the EV is fully charged
  • Charge and pay online

Technical details

  • Charger type and power output - 3.3 kW AC charging
  • Maximum Current - 16 A
  • Socket type - IEC industrial socket (IEC 60309) + 3 pin socket

Safety & durability claims

  • IP54 rated rainproof charger with operating temperatures from -5°C to 55°C. Can be placed in open or closed parking spaces.
  • Inbuilt safety features such as short-circuit protection, shock protection and emergency stop button.

Want to get an Ather Neighbourhood Charger in your space? Reach out to us via:

P.S. Here’s a sneakpeek of how the payment screen for Neighbourhood Chargers will look, based on the ones we’ve installed in our office parking lot.



As users, will we be able to check and differentiate if the Ather Grid charger is a Fast Charger or a Slow Neighbourhood charger on the app?


Is this an alternative to the Ather operated fast chargers.


A good way to help the long distance riders in a convenient way👍🏻

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Rs15 per unit for slow charging. That’s not imaginable. The charging stations like PlugGo etc offers much better rates and fast charging.


I think is providing a really good solution. Ather’s services have failed to impress me and I don’t think i will be recommending Ather to anyone.



There is a second box in the lower part which has a standard socket like this


But the neighbourhood charger is more like a competition to BOLT EV Charging,