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Any Gen 1 and Gen 1.5 owner got the Smart Eco update?

Now let’s say if i charge at neighborhood charger in my PORTABLE CHARGER and forget about it until it fully charges and what if rain comes and even if I’m too busy and couldn’t come to the charger, then what? Even if i try to come near the charger, 30 seconds of moderate rain is more than enough to fill up the charger with water, that too the charger will be in working condition. I want to know whether the portable charger is completely water proof?


For what purpose this cable is used for. It says something IEC Socket i didn’t understand? For cars?


I believe what they are trying to say is “Forget about it if it is drenched in rain”. :joy:

I remember reading somewhere that the portable charger is not water proof. Not even splash proof I think.

That’s an IEC 60309 connector. You can google this and see the pin configuration. It’s a type of connector from before Type-2 connector was a thing.

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The upper socket converts to an Indian socket you can see it below. This will allow 2-wheelers to charge also. That is where the cable is going in.

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I really didn’t understand :confused:

The neighborhood charger will charge 2 wheeler also what’s special in that?

This whole concept of neighborhood charger i didn’t get what it is, is it only for apartment or office people where it is located or is it open to public also? If it’s open to public then there is no difference between the Ather grid and neighborhood charger, only thing is at grid we do not pay here we need to pay and one more is fast charge and slow charge.

Let’s say in an apartment i have put my Ather for overnight charging at neighborhood charger at night 10PM and what if some other person arrives at 11PM and he too need to charge overnight, if he removes my charger plug and charge his scooter then what about mine?


agreed, the concept of Neighbourhood chargers seems pretty dumb to me as well.

its just simply adding a middleman between your home charger and the charging socket. being an Ather charger, it does not benefit any Ather either. you have to be carrying your own portable charger to use it. and as a public charger, with that charging speed it will almost be useless. it very niche use cases i guess

I would guess Neighbourhood chargers would be easier to sell to housing societies to install for all kinds of EVs, sure they could install a Grid charger too but there’s a size difference between the Grid charger and the Neighborhood charger. Difference is the voltage step down happening inside the Grid charger.

Ather might be offering better/more monetary benefits with the Neighbourhood chargers too since the end user is paying for it too.

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hmmm, i guess its just more of economics than anything

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It looks like Ather is not serious about the Neighbour hood charger. Was in touch with them for installation for our Apartment. After couple of exchanges of communication, they are silent now.

In any case the charger is just a 15 amps plug point with a payment gateway integrated with it and there are numerous other players providing a similar connection at competitive (sometimes free) pricing.


I guess it is mainly useful for hotels, resorts, malls, farmhouses where their customers will spend min 2-3 hours. The owner can generate extra revenue by charging the end user

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can you list some companies or organisations that offer the 15amps set up? my society is looking to set up shared chargers but I’m not sure what is compatable with Ather and 4w both. The only one I could find was adani’s sharecharge.

For context: Mumbai

You can look at Ather’s own Neighbourhood chargers or contact Statiq or Magenta to setup an IEC 60309 connector which can be installed with a converter to 3 pin 16A socket.

Ather hasn’t responded to my neighbourhood charger enquiries. I’m looking for a proper 16amps connection not a hacky way around it sorry but I appreciate your response.

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hello, i just bought 450x on june 4th 2023, im not able to see the Ride Insights.

Hi Rahul, login to Ather dashboard on. browser and check order status. Most likely your order hasnt been marked as delivered. If yes then contact the EC staff or write to Ather customer care. Ride stats do not start showing up untill the order is marked as delivered. Once it is marked correctly, you ride stats will start showing up, also instead of VIN number on your profile page it’ll start showing your vehicle registered number.

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Thank you pulkit for the information. I havent done with registration of the vehicle. I guess after vehicle number, Ride Insights might appear.

So my scooter is making this sound because the bearings have come to an end but i still have to ride it another 1000km for my next service, so can i ride it in this way for atleast 600-800km, will there be any problem for the scooter and i don’t have the subscription also and the subscription is also removed now.


Probably shouldn’t ride it at all. The bearings are rubbing on the hub of the wheel and will damage the wheel enough to require a wheel replacement. See if you can get the service done early.

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If I was at your condition, I would have asked for RSA and get the bearing replaced.

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