Installing the Ather Dot

Hi, I recently bought an Ather and I am waiting for delivery. I am also still waiting for the charger to be installed even though it’s been almost 3 weeks since I completed the payment. The team had committed to a date but they haven’t turned up and the customer care hasn’t been helpful either. Is there an installation specific team that I can contact? (I live in Bangalore)

Nope - Call/ email Customer Care regularly and it should get done.

Alternately you can get the cabling/ installation done by a local electrician as well (will work out cheaper as well in case your meter is far from your parking spot and you need to draw your wiring from there). If you have already have a power point/ switch in your parking spot, you can also do it - Not very difficult to install it.

Is it possible to extend the charging cable (the cable from charger to the scooter) to 9 metres?

Extra cable will cost you extra money.

No, The length is Fixed in Dot to Scooter, you can extend to any amount from power supply to Dot

Haha! Yes same. I stay in an apartment in a society, though I did not have any problem with the permission, I have done the same thing as small kids play there and curiosity generally gets the better of them :laughing: It was a correct decision is what I feel now because I can carry the dot in the boot as well lol!

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Very well put! Availing the Ather’s services for installation of Dot would work out when you’re unsure of your current electrical infrastructure, and it makes it hassle-free. If you live in larger apartment complexes, just adding a socket with the required wiring would work, and will work out cheaper if done on your own or through the local electrician.

However, it does make sense for older independent houses, where you might have to do some additional checks on the earthing, load capability of wiring, etc. Besides, the electricians coming through Ather’s services have done hundreds of installations, so they would be aware of the different scenarios that can play out during installation.

The Dot anyway has been designed to make installation as easy as possible, but if you’re unsure of the quality of electrical infra, would recommend going through Ather for a hassle free experience.

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We can use Dot as portable if take of shell right.?

While it’s technically possible, we won’t recommend you dismantle your Dot in any way after installation.

Installation is not a problem i can do that .

A recommendation with no basis in reality. The charger has already been determined to be a completely sealed unit.

All the necessary details are here: