Installing the Ather Dot

Do we have choice of dot or portable charger for 450x? Or dot with vehicle and portable charger with extra cost?

You can decide which one you want for 450x, DOT or portable charger. The one that you choose, you will get free. The other you may buy later if required.

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Can the DOT be moved from one place to another? Possibly a city change?

Pretty sure you can, as the installation is quite easy, and even a local electrician can do for you, if not the Ather technicians.

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How to install ather dot by the owner itself and can in get the number for the ather installation community for installation

Yes, it can be done

Please browse or search the forum, you will find many posts, happy browsing.

Do we have an option to select ather dot or portable charger for 450 plus??

Yes. You can go for any of the two.

Please make sure you confirm this well in advance before delivery. There have been instances where the invoice is made for a different charger and it’s a tough thing to get it swapped later.

Yes but I recommend before your registration gets completed you give your option through email and get confirmation email from them that way we can avoid any future issues. Email confirmation is a must to have for all references.

Ather person haven’t told me about choosing any one of our choice for charging. Now My invoice has been generated with ather dot and registeration has been initiated is there any chance to swap to portable charger?

It’s DOT by default that’s what I was told. You need to buy portable one seperately

Try doing so by contacting CS.

Invoice is required to start registration because of VIN number and stuff you can still write to CS and ask for a portable charger and ensure to get a updated invoice. I said before registration because once registration is done they won’t take much time to deliver so it will be difficult for us.

Registration completed today. I wrote mail to cs regarding swapping to portable charger, got an reply mail stating that i will get reply mail within 24 hour!

Good just make sure while taking delivery check every thing is updated in the handover documents.

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@kumar.uppaluri2 have u got portable charger or ather dot?

Portable charger it is more convenient for me as I stay in rented house.

I wrote to ather after the registration process started regarding my option and received a confirmation the same day evening. While taking delivery I checked everything portable charger item number shall be assigned to your order for future references(warranty and stuff).

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