Important update on Ather Assure

Hey folks,

We have discontinued new subscriptions & renewals of Ather Assure Lite & Pro, effective immediately. This decision was not taken lightly, but it was necessary due to an extremely high incidence rate of product abuse cases that made the plan completely unsustainable to operate across our network of Service Centers.

We want to reassure you that your existing subscription will be honored until its expiry date and you can continue to avail all the benefits of your current plan till then. You can also check your subscription status and expiry date on the Ather app.

We appreciate your loyalty and support as we work on a revamped service subscription plan for the future that will offer you more value and convenience.


Very Sad to hear some great offering being taken away due negative user behaviour.

Embrace the reality and move forward.


you guys couldn’t think of increasing the prices or limiting the parts per service replaced??? closing down the entire subscription plan :unamused:


It will be tough time for Ather to handle customers :warning:


This is disappointing to be honest.

Hope Ather lowers cost of spare parts.


@power_light2000 looks like that’s what they seem to be working on.


So what about those who wanted to renew their subscription now cos my 10k km service is coming up but on app its only showing the basic subscription is available . ? if any other way to renew the subscription let me know…


the last revamp took 4 years, Now many new customers and people whose plans are about to get expire are now left out. The parts are excruciatingly expensive, We recently had a service meeting in Chennai and I told the service head that parts are super expensive compared to ICE vehicles, a Horn switch costs 600 rs in Ather compared to Activa it’s only 50rs in the market.

Now if the belt wears off the non-subscription person will have to shell off almost 3500 compared to ICE’s V-belt which costs only 600.

I hope they revamp soon.


Also, personal experience.

Keyhole got misaligned during service. I wasn’t able to lock unlock my scooter.

I asked SC to fix it. They said they will replace the entire mechanism. Took a video and sent to Ather.

Reply from Ather took 4 days to come. And Ather declined replacement. Then they tried to fix it and got fixed in 10 mins.

Obviously any company will bleed money if SC guys behave like this.


@abhishek.balaji please reply


Very disappointed, will never recommended Ather to anyone from now


@abhishek.balaji Does this seems to be a right practice ? Discontinuation of plans without intimating the previous customers is a wrong practice. When we purchased the vehicle these were the high lighted features informed and which made the decision to purchase the vehicle. This really makes no sense. Atleast a month prior intimations or emails should be sent to customers saying that in 30 days it will be discontinued. People are not rich enough to buy expensive vehicles and after that vehicle parts. And the wear and tare parts are EXPENSIVE ! This needs to be re thought and provide a diffrent solutions to the customers !


@abhishek.balaji First a revamped or a alternative should be provided to the customers inconvenience as a Ather user he should be stress free while using the vehicle. The belt costs 3500 if he drives or rides the vehicle with that fear. This is not good for new upcoming customers. This will definitely decrease the future sales.


@abhishek.balaji also the Basic plan if we click on benifits it shows us benifits of the parts cost


Is there a possibility of getting a refund for customers who have not availed of the service after buying the pack?


The spare parts cost and labour charges has always been high. Having the service subscription was the only solution for that. Now, you are stopping it due to product abuse, seriously ??

You guys have compromised on the quality of parts. More issues are being reported by users on a daily basis (come set, belt, brakepad etc). If customers have subscription, the company will only get 3000 per year. So, Ather has planned to stop service subscription so that, they can make money via normal service (which is super expensive). Pathetic decision from the management. As a customer, I am disgusted !!

Will not recommend Ather to anyone anymore. Will not buy an Ather ever again.


For basic plan, only RSA is there. No other services will be covered. Already confirmed by Ather.


And what about Ather abusing its customers by charging exorbitant prices for spares which are available at a fraction of the cost in the open market? To be looted from all angles possible is not what I expected from Ather when I bought the vehicle and I hope to see some semblance of sanity from Ather’s upper management in decisions related to service.


This is a completely unilateral decision that is anti-consumer behaviour and it doesn’t justify the cost benefit analysis is owning an EV as Ather is already priced as premium and the wording of product abuse is totally unrelated to consumer well being and with no set criteria of how it is decided.