Grid sharing features

So I think ather should come up with an update to release the lock to open the pin from charging point once the vehicle is 90% so that people who are in need can remove and charge their vehicles.


I think it should be 80%


Would you be okay with this if it were your vehicle? Just a scenario here:

You’ve parked at a Grid point and you’re busy somewhere, vehicle reaches 80% charge. Another Ather/EV owner wants to charge, hence removes the plug and plugs in their vehicle to charge. This could involve moving your scooter from the parking spot to somewhere, which would be difficult to do with the handlebar lock.

Personally, I’m okay with it, but the experience is dicey.


Aaah, actually yes. Even I am okay with it. We as a community should be understanding enough that a person with almost nil battery is in more need than me having 80% already.

And yes, Grid points are being used as parking spots, have seen this at innov8 parking also. And this would educate owners.

Or some way for the person to contact the owner using a qr scan and dm feature(or ivr call to mask the phone number) in the app would also be helpful. !


Back from 2016, but here goes :smiley:

Another way to encourage good behavior at grid points:


Yes, this also helps. But it’s also a difficult and time taking task to educate the entire EV community, this should happen eventually. Until then something of this sorts would help !

Or not even a DM, because it’s again a privacy concern. A simple feature with pre-existing templates like "Hey, can you please let me charge?" which are just enough to convey the message would be more than enough !!


From the Grid thread:


Unplugging by another person is absolutely ok because even he’s a Ather owner so he will exactly know how he should handle it. But only if it is charged >90%. And I’m not ok with someone moving it since the charging cable is quite long the 2nd owner can manage without moving the first vehicle.


Your post is based on ideal situations and has lot of assumptions.

Possibility to remove the plug may lead to mischief too. People who may be just checking out the scooter may pull it out and leave it. There may be no second Ather at all.

Regarding the scooter movement too, how do you assume that there will be free space for the second scooter. There may be no space for parking the second Ather just beside the first Ather


This will be a problem for folks not on Ather One or other relevant charging plans. If I have paid for 30 mins and someone else pulls out the charger, I’ll be pissed.


I would not be okay because of need to move the vehicle. Not sure if Ather can intimate the user thru call after a threshold.

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I don’t see how difficult it is to just come back and unplug it. The app shows charge percent and time to 80% and 100%. Just come back when the charge you need is done :man_shrugging:t2: I think this is basic courtesy we should all follow.

An app notification like the Tesla example above will make things much easier though.

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It is courtesy and good gesture agreed. Wherever and whenever possible, people should come and unplug once charging is complete.

That said, it may not be possible all the time. Just take an example…
I go to any one of the malls like Phoenix Market city or Forum Shantiniketan or GT world.
I plug in my Ather for charging.
I go to a long duration movie like Aditya Verma (crap of a movie) or Bigil.
Even If my Ather completes charging after 2hours, I cannot return anytime before 3 hours
The second Ather comes after 2 hours and sees my scooter at 100% charge but I’m nowhere to be seen.
Even though I’m courteous, even though it is not difficult to unplug, even though I come and unplug after my movie, even though I check my phone and see that charging is complete, it’s an hour late already for the second Ather.

And not everyone will keep checking their phone ever so frequently.

I repeat…It is courtesy and good gesture no doubt. Wherever and whenever possible, people should come and unplug once charging is complete.


This all goes back to an earlier feature request - scheduled charging. Let the user set a cutoff and once that is reached the grid point stops power and the bike releases the solenoid lock. Display a message on the dash that says Charging Completed or a message of that sort.

The next user is able to unplug charger and use it on his/her bike. Of course there needs to be sufficient space to park the 2nd bike close enough for the charging cable to reach it.


This could fix the issue.

Also, as courtesy, we could leave the handle unlocked at a grid point, so once charging is completed, it’ll be easier for people to move your vehicle and charge theirs. Less chances of anyone scratching the vehicle.

@hemanth.anand I agree. But, we’ll still need to have a bit of planning before we start our trips, and this is every Ather rider’s responsibility. The grid is meant for emergency usage. So that probably means, charge enough to get home or to office or wherever you can charge normally right?. Ideally, nobody should be going for a 3 hour movie if your vehicle will finish charging in 2. Since it’s fast charging too, you should probably charge it to about 80% which in this situation should take about an hour or so at most. So, plug it in after your movie, when you go for lunch or dinner at the mall. This should be enough charge to get you home. Sorry I’m coming across as stuck up, but as much as we’ve evolved in EV tech, convenience has still got a long way to go, compared to fuelling up, in ICE vehicles.


Yup, Courtesy is expected but not guaranteed… It is just like you expect courtesy and rules during railway gate opening and signals :slight_smile:

And, not every one might be diligently moving and parking the charged Ather at a safe location also…

Nope !!

It’s even dangerous, the charger acts as a lock, if anyone can remove it over 80% then it’s a easy to steal.
Also I dont want anyone to move my vehicle to different place when iam not there.

Rather, proper way would be to charge the owners a fine amount if left at the spot when vehicle is fully charged.

Past December, when Ather Grid becomes a paid service, non Ather One users will need to pay for a time slot. However, this gives rise to the question of what happens if a non Ather One user does not disconnect their vehicle after their time slot? Merely halting the charging is not a good enough solution, as one may simply leave their vehicle connected to the charging point, and use the spot as parking. There needs to be some liability for not disconnecting their vehicle in a timely manner, and the same liability should be applied to Ather One users if they do not remove their vehicle soon after reaching 80% charge (it was mentioned above that some rely solely on Ather Grid, and may require the extra range for a trip, however, charging past 80% is very time consuming. It is unfair for a user in need of charge to have to wait till another vehicle reaches 100%, which takes a loooong time. If someone solely relies on the Grid, and requires the extra 20% charge, it’s on them to come back at a time when the charger is free. You can’t deny someone who is in desperate need of charge just because you want an extra 20%. I believe the Grid should always auto unlock the charging plug past 80% for Ather One users. For those who pay per time slot, in those cases, the plug should unlock at the end of the time slot).

As mentioned above, the problem with unlocking the charging plug from the vehicle is that some users are not comfortable with others unplugging / moving their vehicles.

However, I must ask the question, if you were being considerate and courteous, then obviously you would remove your vehicle from the Ather Grid spot when your slot is over / when an Ather One user reaches 80% charge. As long as you are being considerate, no one is going to remove the plug or move the vehicle, since the plug will be locked to the vehicle.

I do not understand the argument that people are uncomfortable with someone else unplugging their vehicles. The only people who would ever need to do that are other Ather users, in need of the charge, and they know how to plug the charger in and out. As long as you are being considerate and remove your vehicle in a timely manner, no one is going to even get the opportunity to unplug anyway.


Can you please explain how?

If the charger automatically unlocks after the scooters reaches certain percentage of charge (Let’s keep it as 80% for the sake of discussion)…
There will be a possibility of the charger coming out by itself by tension (the resulting fall can damage the plug).
There is a possibility of some mischief mongers just plug out for fun.
It may not be always an Ather user.

Don’t forget AtherOne users would’ve paid additional for this service. It may seem unfair, but he has paid for a service and he has come before another guy. He gets the advantage. Simple.

similar to what @prasathvishnu has written a few posts above, courtesy can be a expected/requested but it can’t be guaranteed/demanded

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This free time is now extended till the end of March 2020. we have another 3 more months to discuss on different perspectives, possibilites, solutions etc. before Ather can finalize something