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Kindly help with my order ID 1979 and 2137.
I have booked two bike ATHER 340 and ATHER 450.
Booked on - june 8th 2018.

need assistance - when these bike would be delivered.




My order ID is 1077, when will my bike get delivered??

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Guys, wouldn’t this info be visible on your dashboard? Why do you expect any different answer here?

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How may vehicles that Ather is delivering per month?.


Sanjay Khariwal here from Bangalore… I had pre booked the vehicle Ref no.-3291… & said that it will deliver at month Nov 18-Dec18… But now it’s saying it will deliver at the month March 2019…

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Dear Ather team, my approximate delivery time of vehicle is vanished. Where I can check it?

Dear Ather team, my approximate delivery time of vehicle is vanished. Where I can check it?

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Hey Deepak,
You should be able to login and check your delivery timeline! If you are not able to, it is probably a bug we need to resolve. Would it be possible to request you to privately message me your order number so I can take it up internally?

@Everyone - if any of you are not able to see your tentative dates in the dashboard, please ping me. That shouldn’t happen. I am assuming this is an one-off bug.


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Hi, got it. Thank you.

Any updates on the deliveries done this month?


Any update on delivery development

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Hello Ather Team,

Is there an update on your production?? Have you resumed or is it that you are yet to solve your supply chain issues?


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Just want to know honest reply

  1. people who are waiting after booking will get delivery on time as per new schedule

2)people who opt for leasing will get vehicle with out waiting period ???
What are ather priorities on this matter.
Kindly reply


@Shreyas @tarun

Dear Ather team, Waiting for reply

@Shreyas @tarun@Ather.Team a response would be really appreciated!!

Ather CEO Tarun Mehta just replied on twitter that they are restarting deliveries from this weekend. Most likely they will be in small numbers, but I am glad that they are starting.

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Hey Guys,

We have started production and have produced another 20 vehicles in the plant since the first batch of deliveries. Out of these 20, 6 have been delivered and the rest 14 are in the process of payment completion. We are on track to fulfill orders for December and January. We’ll keep you updated on the progress as more vehicles get delivered.

Mode of purchase Cash/Lease/Loan, will not impact delivery schedule.