Charging at Ather Grid

Any more details like charging speeds and if 450x Support this 2.0 grid with increased speeds from current 1.5 grid, will 450 support grid 1.5 from current 1.0? Will all existing points be replaced with this or priority only for new places and slowly old ones will be replaced. Highway chargers especially between Bangalore and Chennai
I hope it can be done now. @abhishek.balaji can you reveal any of this info


Seems like Abhishek was waiting for someone to post that picture and spark the discussion around Grid 2.0. :joy:


@abhishek.balaji does the new charger blinks all the LEDs at the same time or it could you know blink according to percentage like if there are 4 LEDs, as soon as the charger connects and the scooter is less than 25%, then the lower 1st led starts blinking for more than 25%<50% 1st led stay on and second led blinks for 50% and more but less than 75% bottom 2 LEDs stay lit and 3rd one blinks and 75% and more 3 LEDs on and 4th one blinks, once reaching 100 per cent all 4 LEDs stay on.

This will benefit hugely since currently, everyone has to tap the scooter to know the charge status, This can stop hoarding the charger. It can be implemented now since you guys are in the production stage.



What are the advantages for customers? Faster speeds of charging ? A little elaboration on under the hood improvements would be great @abhishek.balaji


i take my word back! it’s way cooler and futuristic looking than the already cool looking Ather Grid 1.0 :star_struck:


I think it is a take on the monolith, or atleast can be assumed to look like one.

Yes it is fabled to have


OMG! You’re right! Like why on earth would they do that? Is it because of upgrading the points to the grid 2.0? But the optics are so bad. Imagine, the chargers in front of the EC themselves are turned off.


@abhishek.balaji since the quantity of the vehicle are increasing in the cities, 2 port in one grid would have been good idea in 2.0


Updates on Grid 2.0 here:


Oh dear … now Ather Grid will also have bugs… They will take over everything. Its Bugs vs Humans now. We are in a war…!

In the video at 11:30 seconds, how did he take out the charger? Without turning on the key

Is that what 2.0 gets?


Maybe from 80 percent onwards people can remove it without key which is what many have been asking for…


He could take it off since it was fully charged. Nothing related to Grid 2.0…On existing grids also, we can remove once the vehicle is fully charged. See the two below quoted announcements from Abhishek

Furthermore I found some more incorrect information in the above video

  1. He says new grid can be used by other EVs also while old one cannot…This is incorrect. even the older grid charger can charge other EVs. There is a 15A socket in both old and new Grid chargers

  2. He says this is compatible with all the other models-The older one was too

  3. He said it charges faster - No, old public chargers also charge at the same speed as of now (1km/min for 450 and 1.5km/min for 450X). In the video you can see that from 48km range it went to 56km in around 6 mins of video time (02:42 to 08:35 of the video) When he finally took his scooter out time was 08:03pm with the scooter fully charged. He said it added 30kms in 30mins. I don’t know how 05:26pm to 08:03pm is 30 mins! Ok, let’s assume that he had removed his scooter for the other girl in that video to charge her scooter after some minutes. But even then 30kms in 30mins of cumulative charging time is not really faster. he said that after 80% it charges slowly which is true. considering all these 30mins of cumulative charging time for 30kms range 44% of charge is the same speed as that of the current public grid charger

The grid 2.0 has no change to the end user at the moment (apart from the looks).For Ather however there are some benefits. Since it is one Single piece compared to the 2-piece design, it will be faster and cheaper to manufacture and easier to install. See below announcement from Abhishek and tweet from Swapnil.


The thing that I’m most excited about this Grid 2.0 is…If it has got really cheaper, in future one might be able to get this installed in their home as their primary charger (at an additional cost obviously). Battery degradation may be a topic but I hope this Grid 2.0 is smart enough to let people choose when to fast charge and when to choose slow charging.


Almost all the information he said in the video was incorrect😅 and one more person replying to him was also very confident. Although he was simply murmuring something which came to his mind

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I own Ather 450x and my home is 50kms away from any nearest Ather grid charger. I had charged my 450x using Ather grid only once since I took delivery of my scooter.

On 24th Nov, I had some work in south bangalore and decided to ride Ather 450x, prior to my ride like every typical electric scooter owner, I planned my route and pit stops at Ather grid chargers ( Chandra layout and Orion Mall).

1st encounter with defective charger: I left home with 100% charge, I had planned to stop @ Ather grid Chandra Layout and charge it for 30mins. When I reached the spot to my surprise the Ather grid charger was not working, I had only 26kms range in eco. After which I rode to Ather grid Banashankari 3rd stage and charged my scooter to 75%. Well I have no complaints with this trouble since electronics such as charger tends to have wear and tear after regular usage.

2nd encounter with defective charger: Completed my work in south bangalore, rode to my 2nd pit stop Orion Mall @ 5pm . Went there with 43% charge and connected scooter to 2nd right charger. On-board screen showed Charging and I left to do some shopping, I need min 75% charge to return home safely which is 50kms away. My phone battery was @ 5% and I didn’t check charging status of my scooter in between. Returned to scooter @ 8.15pm only to find my scooter was still at 43% and was not charged even though the screen showed charging. The feeling at that moment and i was frustrated. 1st left charger was occupied by fellow Ather owner and was @65% charging and working perfectly, waited till 8.30pm expecting him to return which didn’t happen.

It was late already and rode to GT Mall @ 9.15pm fortunately the charger was free and charged till 80% and reached home at 10.45pm.

My humble request to Ather team, kindly include option to indicate defective chargers on Ather app and also the option to message the fellow Ather owner who is charging on Ather grid to explain circumstances and request for charger during emergencies (emergency in my case since I had to ride on unpopulated road for 50kms at late night)

Also, I request Ather owners to handle the grid chargers with care. One mishandling can cause lot of troubles and hindrance for other users to use this electric mobility.

Regards, Roopesh.


This is much needed and the sooner the better. The Grid app or Ather app needs to show the grid status clearly. If it is working and not currently available, there is hope. If it isn’t working then it should be clearly indicated so that long haul riders will plan their ride accordingly.


This the community has been requesting since ages now. Ather actually doesn’t want often listen to the customers. They have their own set of priorities :moneybag:

When I visited this grid yesterday it was flashing this indication

@abhishek.balaji this is the only grid between two districts

They never going to assign a technician. I raised multiple tickets after a couple of weeks still not rectified.


Two new grids were errected in coimbatore outskirts recently. When I visited kunimathur grid last week, it was charging with a speed of 2% for 20 mins. When I complaint, they said they are yet to calibrate. No feedback still from Ather end. This is on sulur, between tirupur and coimbatore. This has faulty unit