Charging at Ather Grid

Discussions and experience around charging your vehicle at AtherGrid locations.


Could you please share us with location details on ather charging grids as on date… This will help me in deciding if I need to buy charging cable or not…

Just go to maps and type Ather Grid
U will find all on the map

There are 20 in total

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Thanks for the info.

Is this screenshot from Ather android app? If so, can you send me the link to download…

u can find it in playstore - Ather Grid

also u can see All locations on google maps by typing Ather Grid

Thank you… Got it this time…

Only 20 ? It was supposed to be 60 by 2018 year end as mentioned by Ather Team in one of the interviews

Please note plans for production was changed and so there is no point of having more points than scooters!
am sure this will go hand in hand - don’t worry

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Ok… that’s good

@Shreyas @tarun kindly look at the maintainanace of fast charging points as last week i was out of charge and went to play arena hsr layout and it was not charging even in the pace it charges at my residence… And the fast charging was also not working… Another request is to increase the count of charging grids in one point as many vehicles start coming to road


Exactly. Having just one Ather point at a grid isn’t a good idea. We need atleast 3 ather points at a location. Increasing Athers on the road will cause owners to wait for others to get it charged, this will drastically decrease the Ather One or the Ather Charge experience. Just one point in a grid is no where enough.

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Hey @SandeepRao, our Customer Service team spoke to you regarding this. Thanks for pointing this out.

@Others: There was a hardware error due to which the fast charger did not turn on. The hardware is fixed and we pushed a firmware update to get a notification if the issue crops up ever again. We are also now actively tracking and running a daily diagnostic on each Ather Grid location to reduce issues such as this one in the future.

@Owners: Would request you to get in touch with our Customer Service team immidiately if you spot such problems. They are best equipped to update relevant teams and proactively resolve these issues.


Does any of existing and upcoming grid venues charge or call for parking fees?

If yes then we end up paying easily Rs. 20 or more per halt at such stations which defeats the idea of EV SAVINGS over gasoline ones. - will you not be considering as part of subscription fee?

The one ather charging station in Park Square mall ITPL, the parking charge is 20 for first 2 hours post which 10 per additional hour, no idea whether we have to pay if we are charging there

hello Ather gang

have been to fast charging point at TORQ92

reached home finally after riding bike@ 90kmph constantly on flyover from hebbal to yelhanka

loved it

so charging speeds are

7 min for every 10% charge until 70%

from there on it was increasing@ 9 min,. 10 min and 15 min aswell

also worth noting that both on dashboard and app we can see it is fast charging

when i was there there was a power cut and appears they had backup generator

during that switch from grid… for couple of seconds charger was off and was back continue to charge

tip: have some buffet of atleast 20 min if u have to rely on charge to complete shown on app until 80%

if u charge til 70% it shouldn’t be a issue at all


charging pod at ibc park is all the way back of the building

just an fyi

just in case people like me find it hard to locate


charging at infinity

infinity is on the road… but charging pod is on left side wall of infinitea (not infinity)

just fyi


Footboard mat not fixed? Then mat itself won’t move?