Bombay to Pune - Year 2021

Same journey Powai to Pune is now under 6.5 h

  1. Powai to Chouk Grid - 60km - 80 minutes

  2. Chouk Grid - Charge 5% to 95% - 2h!! It’s a fast grid, but not as fast as city grid. More info Charging Profile: Grid vs Home

  3. Chouk Grid to Talegaon Grid - 68km - 110 minutes. Key here being I used SmartEco to full. Had to switch to Ride / Sporr at steeper sections, but SmartEco always gave confidence that I will reach next grid.

  4. Talegaon Grid - Charge 5% to 50% - 30 min

  5. Talegaon Grid to Pune Shivajinagar - 30 km - 40 minutes

Total: Ride time - 230 min (under 4h); Charge time - 150 min. Total 380 min (6h 20m).

Took some analysis upfront to plan Optimize time for long rides

I believe this can come down to 4.5h if

  1. Grid set up at Lonavala (hopefully soon). Will not need to charge beyond 80% at Chouk, save time.
  2. Chouk grid is configured to be as fast as city grids.

In any case 12h has come down to 6.5h due to two additional grids :clap:


Mumbai Pune is now beautifully stringed with fast chargers, with multiple grids at Khopoli and Lonavala where there may be congestion.

These now allow travel from

  • MUM to PUN in 5.5h on Gen2. With Gen3 longer range, this could be done under 5h.
  • PUN to MUM in 4.5h on Gen2.

Shout out to Joel from Ather Grids in MH.

  1. Powai to Panvel: 43km, 58min, 99% to 40%

Fast charge at Panvel Hotel Redwing Castle for 25 min up to 75%

  1. Panvel to Khopoli: 38km, 48min, 75% to 5%

The Ather grid at Utsav Complex Khopoli is very shady, literally built on a cesspit. The other grid at Khopoli is better. Fast Charged 45 min up to 70%

3 Khopoli to Lonavala: 14km uphill, 22min, 70% to 40%

Fast charged at Lonavala Ather Grid at Maval Maratha for 40 min up to 90%.

  1. Lonavala to Pune (University): 60km, 60min, 90% to 2%

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