Bombay To Pune - Year 2022

Hi Guys,

Have planned my 2nd trip to Pune on my Toothless (Ather 450X Series 1) this Friday, 4th Nov.

Last year with fewer fast chargers, it took me 12 hours to travel ~200 kms. Below is the link to that trip:

I calculated, this time, with more than 4 fast chargers along the route, it will take me ~ 7 hours

Here is rough trip plan:

1st Stop: Virar to Hotel Redwings Castle (Panvel) Distance: ~85 kms Est. Time to Reach: 2 hrs 20 mins Charging Time: 45 mins (60-70% due to some up hill) Total Time in the Trip: ~ 3 hours

2nd Stop: Panvel to K-Charge (Khopoli) Distance: ~37 kms Est. Time to Reach: 50 mins Charging Time: 20 mins Total Distance in the Trip: 122 kms Total Time in the Trip: 4 hours 10 mins

3rd Stop: Khopoli to Wax Museum (Lonavala) Distance: 15 kms Est. Time to Reach: 30 mins Charging Time: 30 mins Total Distance in the Trip: 137 kms Total Time in the Trip: 5 hours

4th Stop: Lonavla to The Emerald Resort (Talegaon) Distance: 32 kms Est. Time to Reach: 40 mins Charging Time: 30 mins Total Distance in the Trip: 178 kms Total Time in the Trip: 6 hours 10 mins

Destination: Talegaon to Kapila Resorts (Kharadi, Pune) Distance: 40 kms Total Distance in the Trip: ~220 kms Total Time in the Trip: ~ 7 hours

Will keep adding updates here Live on Friday…!

Everyone is free to share their thoughts and responses :blush:


Kothari dude is just awesome…! Such a Crazy Ev Guy…! :heart::fire:


Well, the return trip took me embarrassingly 10 hours. I was elated to reach Lonavala on time but the people hogging chargers both at Sanpada store and at Magenta house really f%#%d up my plan. Dude had left his bike on charge and returned only an hour ago. When I asked him how much he needed, he says he needed 40 kms but he usually leaves the bike plugged in all the time. I told him “dude, Public fast chargers are like public toilets, tu utna hi use karega jitna tujhe lagi hogi… pura din sandas main bhaitke kya karega…? Baahar sabko jhor se aayi hai…”:man_facepalming: @tarun I understand the Ola and competition situation but its high you start charging people money for using Ather grids. That will avoid people using it for the whole damn day…! If you don’t want to charge us yet for the competitive advantage, PLEASE consider adding more points to all the existing grids. With more bikes you sell, we need more points.


The most important lesson I learnt from this trip. “Please avoid going to an Ather store for a fast charge. Why?

  • because the store guys are rude and ignorant on the use of fast chargers
  • all points are used to charge bikes that are to be delivered to the customers. I mean that’s alright but why do you need to charge them to 100% and say its company policy to deliver bikes with 100% charge. I don’t get this. @abhishek.balaji Ather should remove fast chargers at stores from the app. Let them be there physically but don’t let the existing customers use it. It’s ridiculous to see the points hogged up all the time to charge bikes that are to be delivered.

I got so frustrated at the store that I just dropped the idea of sharing my experience from this long ride. I am bored now and will not take my Toothless out for long leisure rides. Anyone out there who can make a good electric bike that supports CCS2…? You have my money…!

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