Bombay to Pune - Year 2021

Facing terrible issues with the navigation post 10.1.5 beta update. The bike went offline and I couldn’t force restart it. Hoping it comes back online in a few mins.


@abhishek.balaji can I get some help here please? I am leaving to Khandala in 15 mins. Navigation is must.

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The dashboard shows that the network coverage is poor. Maybe you can try moving a bit ahead, you may get good network. I have experienced bad navigation when the network isn’t great.


Am back online. Off to Khandala. Map is back and is working great. :blush:




Ok. Charging challenges faced. (Facepalm)

  • frequent power cuts at this dhaba in Panvel
  • owner not exactly happy about letting me charge. Feels I am going to suck all the electricity. He has been looking at me suspiciously.
  • to keep him happy, I keep ordering more food, soft drinks and cigarettes. Damn…! :man_facepalming:
  • no option to move to another dhaba as I am kinda tired
  • costed me 30-40 mins more
  • let me see how much the total bill will be. LOL

Don’t overeat,you may fall asleep :joy::joy::raised_hands:. Better praise the taste of the food and service and leave asap:)


I don’t think I can ever do this again. :sweat_smile: In desperation & due to range anxiety, I asked the guy at the public toilet in Turbhe to let me charge for 30 mims. I paid him rs. 20.

I am laughing now but it was so embarrassing. He kept saying “sir wahaan pe mat khade raho, ladies toilet hai…”:man_facepalming::sweat_smile:

What is the weirdest place you had to charge?


You should have asked at a better place maybe (a chai tapri) but damn hilarious experience,"wahaan pe math kadhe raho sir ladies toilet he":rofl::rofl: Nice to see that TARUN keeps checking on forums and likes many posts too:)


Would love to know how this went :slight_smile:

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Khopoli has a charging station - Kothari Brothers - they have a AC fast charger for cars and a Wall socket - they charge ₹20/unit.

We need an update for Mumbai Pune ride route options. Is this info current?

  1. Mumbai exit - Nerul: We have a couple of Ather Grids in Nerul to top up
  2. Khopoli: Kothari Brother Charging station (and any others?) in Khopoli - wall socket slow charge
  3. Khandala / Lonavala: Smoky Mountains
  4. Pune entry - Wakad / Aundh Ather Grids

I am planning a ride to Pune again next month. Will try to aim 10 hrs. Last time it took me ~12 hrs (Virar - Kharadi ~220 kms)

Nerul will help a lot.

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I did Powai to Aundh with my kid today and took a full 12 hours for 155 km. This should have been faster - except for the Ather Grids in Nerul not functioning, and an issue with charging point at Khopoli - details outlined below. I expect return route faster - since 15 km will be downhill. One full slow charge at Khandala (60 km from Aundh and fast charge at Nerul (fingers crossed for it to work) will allow return trip to be faster.

Ather has clearly established its market priority as a city scooter, and all its decisions are geared to that purpose. Clearly there is better benefit to set up more grids in city than highways.

If Ather ever evolves priorities, Khopoli and Lonavala are examples of strategic places where a grid each would not only enable longer riders a LOT more freedom from across two city markets like Mumbai and Pune, they would also extend owners options for longer day trips outside cities and reduce the slow charge wait times. I spoke to multiple establishments in Khopoli and Khandala (a lot of time on hand to kill) - and many were eager to host the grid, but have had responses that Ather did not want to prioritize outside city locations yet. Till this happens, Ather owners who see themselves not just as city riders will most like move over as soon as there is another viable 2WEVs that offer longer ranges.

Powai to Aundh:

  1. Started from Powai, tried to fast charge at Nerul - first at Yogi Midgown and then at Season Hotel - the status would not change from Initializing to Charging at all. Logged tickets for issues at both these places.

  2. Without top up at Nerul, I ran out of juice 5km before Khopoli - found a sugarcane juice Center. The guy allowed me to charge for a while till I got to Khopoli.

  3. At Khopoli, charged at Kothari Brothers (search Google). Set up charging, expecting 4h to charge to 85%. Had lunch and then spent time at Gagangiri Math - wonderful place on a hot afternoon

  4. Realised scooter was charging only at half the pace that it usually does on slow charge - went from 2% to 48% in 3 hours!! Something was off with charger point at Kothari Brothers - confirmed availability of charging point at Khandala (Search EV Charging Khandala on Google. Note - both wall charging points shown for Lonavala are not operational as of now).

  5. Went to the store next to Khandala Police Chowki - this person allows full charge for ₹100/-. The uphill climb from Khopoli to Khandala used up 30% of battery. It would take another 4 hours to go from 18% to 88% to get 60km on Ride mode to get to Aundh from Khandala in one go.

  6. Reached Aundh after 12h. Spent 4h charging at Khopoli, 4h at Khandala. Spent the rest to travel 155km. On the plus side, got to spend quality time with my kid.


Wow! this is an excellent post! quite helpful!!

About the problem at grid, you should have called RSA for help which would save some time of yours, I feel.

also, we all folks at Pune as well as Mumbai have been constantly putting up on forum and discussing at city respective ECs for grids on the way between Pune and Mumbai - especially Lonavala and Khandala

hope the folks at Ather hear us out one day, which will make our weekends great and rides of Mumbai - Pune an easy one.

@abhishek.balaji hope you too are hearing us out! :grin:


The return trip was much better. 9h from Aundh to Powai. 4h ride + 4.5h slow charge at Khandala + 30 min top up at Nerul Ather Popop Grid.

Aah , if Fast chargers fail, such trips can become extremely frustrating. But hopefully, this gets better & better with 2 more chargers around Nerul. Yes, a FC in Khopoli and 1 in Lonavala will be heavenly. I might want to do this trip again this month. Have a nice few days free to try this out. But am thinking, all my friends have left Pune. Main jaake karunga kya…? Haha

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New Ather Grid in Talegaon now! Will make things slightly easier. Talegaon to Nerul is 100km, with 15km of downslope ghat. You could potentially do Pune to Mumbai with just two fast charges at Talegaon and Nerul. Mumbai to Pune will still need longer slow charge wait times.


New Ather Grid at Chouk on old Mumbai Pune highway. Matheran / Karjat - Murbad / Lonavala / Pune just got easier!!

Nerul Grid to Chouk Grid - 35 km Chowk Grid to Talegaon Grid - 65 km

Single rider riding conservatively can now go from Mumbai to Pune in under 5h without slow charge - tremendous improvement


This is HUGE… the rides to Lonavala and Khandala will be so much fun and easier too. What is range Anxiety…! :heart::fire: Just waiting for it rain and I will be out on my Toothless again…!

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The grid location is Hotel Om Navratna at Chouk, not Hotel Om Pancharatna (at Shedung village). Thank you @pankajharad for information.

Just before left turn to Karjat.