Battery Pack

It’s a myth, when we turn on the scooter to take the plug out we are interrupting the charging process. Ather can just program it to disconnect the internal relays or IC to stop the charging. and disconnect the plug .

Probably, that’s why this — I suppose.

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Hi bro in ather 450 , 450x and 450+ those model are how many volt battery bro…

Somewhere around 48- 54v I think n

I think it’s 4amps 50 volts

Hi @abhishek.balaji. @rajeshkav what’s the latest on the BMS issue with the first batch of ather 450 till sept 19’. I read there’s some resistor problem o something. Din quite understand properly. I hope you guys would be checking the vehicles and fixing the issues if there are any.

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For VIN<2973, problem still exists.

What will happen to battery when embiant temperature is around 40 to 45 degrees because lithium ion tend to loose charge and its life in high temperatures. Wud this deplet it’s life of battery pack in ather buying this bike is dependent on answer to this query. How Ather is protecting its battery pack in extreme weather conditions.

Well logically high temperatures will definitely affect the ather 450X battery since it doesn’t have active cooling. But while riding it is passively cooled by the airflow.
Also, I believe ather batteries are made of High Nickel which makes them more resistant to high temperatures and so maybe that helps in a hot tropical country like ours. At the most you might see a tad bit faster degradation compared to maybe Bangalore weather. Something you’ll barely notice.

Where are you from? And where do you plan to ride the 450X? As of now, chennai is the warmest city that ather has been in for a while now. There haven’t been any complaints with the battery yet. Once they’re in Goa and Jaipur for a while. We might have more info. @abhishek.balaji it would be nice to know if you guys have an data regarding usage at 40+ celsius temperatures.

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But while riding it is passively cooled by the airflow.

I am living in Jaipur where Ather just started selling its bikes…as u mentioned in ur answer that passive cooling will cool battery…but in in 43 degrees temperature air also remain of same temperature…so how battery will remain cool with this air.

Can anyone from company side reply that what Ather made arrangements to protect battery pack from excessive heat in North India like 40°+(temperature) since heat is biggest enemy of lithium ion battery. How heat could reduce charge holding capacity and life of battery pack.

Yes sir. I did read this and my vin is <2973. Will there be a fix from ather regarding this? For all vehicles <2973? @rajeshkav @abhishek.balaji

Unfortunately there is no permanent fix for VIN<2973.

Note below message from Ather for people still want to go ahead

Well there is a fix isn’t there? That’s how the scooters which had this issue were fixed. It’s just a bit of a difficult fix and ather won’t do it unless they really have to. Also what ather has done, is given a recommendation. It could be called a fix if they didn’t let us shut down the scooter at >60% or a message popped up when we tried to shut down, a warning of some sort. And saying

A long duration is so relative 🤦 6 hrs is long to me 6 months is long for someone else. This bandaid is till we get out of our warranty period. Once that’s done, wonder how they’ll react to such a situation. That being said, I haven’t really heard of anyone having a BMS issue like this in the recent past. Atleast not on the forum.