After the update I unpaired hoping that I’ll be able to pair again. But the Bluetooth seems to be turned off in the scooter, the phone never recognizes a new device even if the Bluetooth is on in the dashboard.


Any ui elements for series 1?

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Thanks for highlighting these issues. I face all these issues, additional to that I can’t see any blue bar if we select smart eco mode and real time efficiency features now not found, charging percentage not found in dashboard.


Welcome to the forum Mr. Nikhil. :candy:

It’s there the power of wings increase and decrease depending on how much throttling you are doing. Example: if i were to throttle very harshly the wings of power become short in length and become green from brownish showing my power has been lowered and reduces Max Speed and acceleration.

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As a gen3 owner. Waiting for new UI be like taking ages😀


Same here :crossed_fingers:t2::neutral_face:

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legit,I miss old speedometer so muchl.It was one of the things which pulled me to buy an Ather i used to peep into others dash until I got mine just to see the colors go crazy on accelaration


It happens in smart eco mode to get best range.


I didn’t attended the event, and I received the update. (I’m a Beta tester) No efficiency on the screen, understood as connect pro will not be free anymore. Apart from the Trip A and B related problem and maps related issues, I’m facing this issue where I’m not able to see the stats of my recent rides in the app. I rode almost 130 kms yesterday and I’m only able to see stats for 18 km (with an efficiency of 13 Wh/Km which is again incorrect). Lot of things need to be fixed.


Was this a downgrade actually?:thinking:


Worst update for 450+ nothing is new only cosmetic UI changes.


I’m an owner of 450+ 3rd gen. It feel like looted by showing candy. Nothing new on the UI except cosmetic changes. No hill hold update for 450+ and feel like there will be no future update in features will be there for 450+. Atleast they should have to provide these basic features for 450+ as the owners spend a huge amount on this scooter. Its judgmental that they provide less range, no Bluetooth and no fast mode named as wrap mode which is totally bullshit for 450+ according to its price but they have to provide these features like hill hold, cruise control for the customer. Because of this the owners of 450+ feel connected to the Ather brand otherwise it feel like we have to purchase a scooter of some other brand that will be cheaper than Ather and provide higher range in real life. We only opted Ather just for features and luxury of the brand and we are not getting that now.


Hill hold is not available for Gen 3 450x aswell. They already confirmed it will be activated after 25th January via a patch update. Cruise control is apparently under works but not sure if it will be enabled for 450 +

450+ owner here, and I disagree with you.


+1 He has got guilty of getting the 450+ vehicle…Most people would often get into this…But what does it mean - atleast hill hold/less range/bluetooth??..This means that you were given choices as if you can get selected options on vehicles :expressionless:…You accepted all the terms and conditions and then only bought the vehicle…Then atleast doesn’t give any meaning over here :upside_down_face::100:


Please understand that two models have been created out of the same machine as stated by many. Thus, the price difference (above ₹25k a few months ago, and it changes with time) to justify why one has to pay more on the higher variant. When you pay less and take, someone is paying higher and get the same machine with additional features.


yeah true. if anything, 450+ owners are getting more hardware than they paid for. if a 450x owner says they feel looted, i would still understand lol!