Atherstack Cylon - 10.3.0 - SmartEco

were you able to reach 60+ kmph in Smart Eco without the red halo?


I don’t exactly recall but I think I was


Another long ride update. Took a 15 Kms ride and all was good. I just noticed one thing that I sped up to 50-60 atleast thrice and there wasn’t a single drop in the power bar. And to answer @nishanth.t1994 , I could see the red halo but no drop in the power bar. I might’ve confused it earlier or forgot but today’s ride confirmed the same. Here are the ride statistics:


Tested the new update for almost 2 weeks and my takeaway from update

1.Theres a bug in the estimated range algorithm as one time it showed me 70 km and other minute it showed 71 during driving in between

  1. The power bar takes the power usage update after every 300 metres approximately

3.The power delivery to motor takes some time after changing from smart eco to eco unlike earlier mode in which power was instant

4.The power bar gets low unexpectedly when the vehicle is started after parking maybe due to power drain from telematics


Hi, I’ve been using Smart eco since the Cylon update was installed on my scooter. Found a bug , when scooter is shutdown and started again, even if we had selected smart eco before shutdown, after turning on it is going to normal Eco mode automatically. It’s an inconvenience each time scooter is shutdown we have to manually change to smart eco mode in settings. Please resolve this for smoother riding.


Yes, happened to me once…


On my side charge complete 100% i take for ride my Ather 450 plus scooter on display it’s show 70 km i just go 400 mm range come to 69 km and i am not calculate the other range Ather we all just need good range like ola and other companies provide

And please if possible role out my software in old version The old version is better i don’t need the update


@abhishek.balaji -

There’s a bug in SmartEco - with SmartEco enabled, rider can toggle in Ride, Sport and Warp Modes when the battery is as low as 1%.

Although range does not change at lower charge lowers, it still allows for better performance at Ride and Sport modes when battery is 10-15%.

Maybe this you can look at. Attaching video for reference.

Link -

Download to play.


Same happening here bro

I believe it’s better to have sport or warp and not forced eco in this mode. It helps us reach our destination and with proper throttle control, we can achieve good range in both sport and Warp modes. Just think if there’s an incline and you’re in sport mode is easier than doing the same in forced eco mode when battery is below 17%. Ather should have clarified this in the update.

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