AtherGrid Locations

Can you please free up the charger? I have 0 SoC and the flight that is charging is already at 70%. Can some one post this on ather what’s app group? Since I don’t have whatsapp I m unable to post. Vehicle charged 100% now

Can one charging station be added to Sarjapur Road as well!?

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sorry to bring this old topic back, but would like to see if Ather is ok to allow customer’s / may be Ather can provide fast charger for community charger,

so that customers who are interested can borrow it and do long rides during weekend

i know the number is very little (like me) who does long rides

would like to know if Ather will support in anyway.


Hi All!

We would be decommissioning the AtherGrid system at Naturals T Nagar, Chennai today. People needing to charge can use Kumaran silks, Chennai as an alternative.

The same system will be placed in Tambaram. The location details would be shared shortly.



Any plans for North Chennai please. Parrys, Royapuram, Mannadi etc.

Where is soul garden Kilpauk decommissioned charger put up?

Any particular reasons for decommissing soul garden and t nagar naturals chargers

You guys already have 7 grid points in and around delhi where you haven’t sold a single scooter. So all those points for just @Shreyas and with so many deliveries in mumbai. There are only 6?

What happened here :joy::joy:


Out of 7 on the map, 4 are in neighbouring states (2 each for UP and Haryana).

So just 3 for Delhi, out of which only 1 seems to be active.

any update on the grid at Sarjapur @abhishek.balaji

There is no ather grid after electronic city, requesting to plan and setup near attibele or chandapura


This is ridiculous. Here in Bombay, on every weekend I have observed that these chargers are turned off by the hosts. This is not fair.

The was a Ather public charging point in Chandralayout , underground Sangeetha and Is it still live ?

Requesting ather to add a few stations in Magadi Road near Anjananagar/East West enginnering College/Herohalli/Acharya College Andralli etc will assit in travel on Nice ring road.


Till now we didn’t see in sarjapur road grid😭

@abhisheik In Hyderabad for examplenear Tarnaka metro station we had a EV chargers for Airport Taxis(Mahindra Verito). Ather can take them as rentals and can use a Ather grid point

@Shreyas any near future plan to add Ather grid points in Navi Mumbai?

Shreyas doesn’t work for Ather any more I guess

Maybe @abhishek.balaji can respond to this.

Surprised to see this happen

Deliveries in a city without a single grid point. Didnt think ather ever wanted to do that :thinking: Atleast jaipur has its ather space grid point :sweat_smile: I hope ather catches up and picks up speed with regards to grid points. It seems to be plateauing again. Especially in Bangalore.