Delay in documentation and delivery

I have pre ordered in Feb’21 and on confirmation from dealer paid full amount through cheque on 19th march. But till date documentation is going on and assured to deliver today which is also doubtful. 15 days back we purchased Hero pleasure for one of my friends, full process completed within one hour, by the time vehicle was washed, fittings made and took delivery. So Ather has to take care such things. Nobody wants to wait so long after making payment. I am eagerly waiting for the vehicle and also badly in need. Yes my Ather delivered on Tuesday.

There one change, Bellad Ather delivered the scooter with temporary Regn. Whereas others deliver the scooter and TP comes after a week. So anyhow one week us required. But with TP we are safe, otherwise traffic police will levy heavy fines. Thanks to Admin also for immediately responding. Enjoying Ather like anything.

Still showing as vehicle registration initiated


Hey as I understand from the team, the team has delivered your scooter already. Congratulations on being one of the first owners in Hubli! Looking forward to some photos :slight_smile:


We Made full payment on mar 23. May be today invoice will generate. Dilevery before this month end🤭.

Yes @abhishek.balaji Got my ather 450x on 19th March only. But in “my account” option it is showing insurance is pending. But actually insurance and delivery done on same date. Since 1 week I am following up with dealer to clear the issue but not yet done. Due to this I am not able to use smart features from mobile… Just simply driving like normal battery scooter…!