AtherGrid Locations

Sai Menaka Complex Grid Point in Yelhanks is not showing up on Google maps may i request Ather to update on google maps as well (will be easy for other EV owner’s)

It does show up on the Ather app

The Ather Charging Point at VMR Square is difficult to locate and is always not available. Is any charging point available there??

The VMR Square grid is live since dec 10th. One of the easiest grid points to locate. Just follow the maps and the bright green led will attract you from 50 meters away.

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I’m changing my electric Scooter in ather grid in Chennai Guindy location my electric Scooter model name is hero electric


Ather grid at jungle? :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:


But this Ather Charging Point is always showing as “No Points Available”

Is this point @VMR Square, Chennai is actually working?

When someone is using it then it will show as no points available, or when there is a network issue.

Yes it does work and many people charge there daily.

I think you didn’t read my post. It’s ALWAYS showing as “No Points Available”…

Do send me a screenshot if you find me wrong and see the point available in next 24 to 48 hrs…

@abhishek.balaji I would request you to check if there are any issues…

Here you go!

Here’s a screenshot that I’ve taken from my app just now…

Today I visited this place and I found there wasn’t any vehicle on charge, but Still it was showing as No Points Available

Glad to know finally you were able to locate the grid point. Guess you missed reading my previous reply fully. Another reason for “No Points Available” is when owners use the grid back to back sometimes network issue happens and it takes little time for the app to show the live status, that doesn’t mean grid is down. Issue gets resolved on its own.

which app screenshot is this?

This is the Athergrid app.

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ok. You can check in ather app itself if u are using one. Not sure why do you need ather grid app specifically unless u r not registered on ather

Hey, there was an issue at VMR Squares, and this has been resolved in the last few days. Thanks for flagging this!

It’s has a little bit more of useful info compared to Ather app plus the UI is better too, some prefer that (all subjective of course) . About time the regular Ather app matched it.

Athergrid app is actually for all EV users other than Ather. Remember Athergrid can be used to charge any vehicle. Which is why there is a 15A plug in the faat charger. It is supposed to be paid service some or the other day.

Ather app doesn’t make sense for other EV users. For Ather owners, Ather app is enough.

The only reason why an Ather owner should use the Athergrid app is that it sorts the grid points in order of distance to your current location. Ironic that this is not available in Ather App.

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Correction @hemanth.anand . For non connect users. ( Not on a connect subscription plan). We need the grid app. They can’t access anything from the ather app. The ather app can be used Only for reporting issues for them.


I was not aware of this. Good to know about it