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Here’s a really interesting statistic. Our top 15 referrers were responsible for convincing more than 125 people to switch to their first electric scooter with Ather (I’m sure earning some sweet rewards along the way had nothing to do with it :smiley: )

Just wanted to take a moment to call out this group. Thanks to these 15 and everyone else who has been actively promoting and referring Ather to their friends and family.

  1. @HarshaVardhan
  2. @yk.abhisheik
  3. Harsh
  4. @k.siddhartha.varma
  5. @bnlavanyabn
  6. @juzeeweb
  7. @sangamindia
  8. @binu.surveyor
  9. Jagadesh Koteesvaran
  10. @karansiram
  11. @ragzirkal
  12. @Rahul
  13. @krelectricalsinfo
  14. @ranganathsb
  15. @rameshram441987

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My referral code is…

My referral code JUN5VE. Thank you in advance.


1Y8EVD this is my referral code and benefits for both of us.

Use my referral code

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@abhishek.balaji my friend was booking new Ather with my code SK9YOA. But we are confused if he swaps the order with somebody else’s, will the referral benefits apply to us. Can you please clarify?

If you don’t cancel the first order placed with the code. Yes you’ll still retain it. But I’m guessing you’ll not want 2 scooters so you could use the credits for maybe a connect plan and then cancel it after you get your scooter.

1Y8EVD this is my referral code and benefits for both of us, Use my referral code to pre order both 450X and 450 and get 500 off on your pre order amount and also get 2500 Ather credits which you can redeemed to pay for Ather service plans 1 Ather credits = 1 rupee.image

Same I was wondering. Because I had 1000 credits when I booked,but now I don’t have any. Is it because I swapped my order with someone?

Please feel free to use my referral code for all the benifits - Y7R1HQ

My referral code :slight_smile:

How to do referral.

Details available here.

Referral Programs