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Discussion of the upcoming Ather 450X for owners and fans!


How do you guys feel about this unveil?.

  • Happy
  • Unhappy
  • Angry
  • Don’t care

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If you’re an owner will you upgrade ?

  • Yes
  • No

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Feeling angry that they announced just after a month I bought mine, But it would have taken many more days to deliver the vehicle and I had already waited for 4-6 months.
Congratulations for people who pre-ordered the 450X !!!
I hope Ather gives equal support and privileges for the existing owners.


What are the upgrade options and what if I opt for pre-order, can i cancel it if I don’t think it is worth it?

Upgrade options will be announced once Ather 450X is unveiled in a few weeks.

You can always cancel your pre-order for a full refund.


What about upgrade options for existing lease customers? I’m assuming they can’t upgrade now because of the 1 year minimum lease period.


By upgrade, do you mean like a scooter swap, or upgrading the current vehicle of already existing customers?

If the 450X uses the same chasis, would it be possible to upgrade the dashboard module on older scooters (for a price) to the new 450X dashboard?


Pre ordered mine, order ID in ranges of 20k already… Haha, just escaped from the order ID maze a month back, back in it again !!
Hoping the upgrade options to be practical … Fingers crossed


@abhishek.balaji I understand the logic behind keeping new products being launched a secret. But you could have at least provided a few teasers in advance. I fall right into the crack( awaiting delivery of 450) and now this announcement comes up :frowning: The excitement of taking delivery is half gone…





This was an edited photo right ??

No ways…

Oh I get it now -

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Super angry, frustrated and disappointed. I always remember the team telling us that there will not launch a better version of our model in the near future. And now this happens. We are supposed to be the collectors and the stake holders of the company. This is really annoying to see that a product is being treated like a technology which is updated every few months. It should be treated like vehicle.

(Will update this post with other thoughts later)


@abhishek.balaji Could you please answer this question? :slight_smile:

Haha… you should be happy they have an upgrade plan for existing owners :slight_smile:

We’re working on upgrade programs for all our customers. We’ll share more details when we unveil the 450X in a few weeks :slight_smile:


I am interested in upgrading, should I pre-order already using the code or wait for the Upgrade Program?

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