Ather 450X Dashboard and Software - User experiences, Reviews

Dashboard goes blank, some time the specific notification don’t show up. Is it the same case with other users as well?

App hangs a lot and drive details don’t get updated on real time basis.

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Even I experienced weird things on my dashboard.

Though I’ve completed 2500 kms on my Ather it’s all 00000

The Hardware is too good but the Software needs a lot of work to be done…

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Seeing the negative odo on the dashboard, I felt like driving my Going Merry backwards :wink: #Tenet


Bro your issue is solved

Now 450x is running are not running bro… Can you reply me

I think :thinking: lot of software problem in 450x now Scooter is running are not bro ?..

It happened again. My 450x is dead again First on 26.01.2021 and again today 21.02.2021. It is really frustrating.

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What now? Same problem?

Yes same problem. Call customer care>road side assistance > service centre>wait for 2 days. I think it’s high time Ather replace the vehicle. Just yesterday I uploaded a video about my visit to the new Ather Factory at Hosur in Tamil Nadu praising every one and this happened today.

Back to normal. Maaan this scooter surprises me every day. It was completely dead one hour ago and I was planning to call customer care in the morning. Then I shutdown the scooter from the drop down menu and restart, boom it’s back to life.


Now Scooter is running are not running sir. you already facing this problem sir I’m watching on your YouTube channel… now you again facing the problem right sir … it’s a brand new vechical you invest such premium amount for this Electric scooter. what solution ather side give

Just faced this issue while returning home!

@tarun @abhishek.balaji

Even Im facing this issue :angry:. Customer service or call support sucks!!

Please think about the service as well and special app issues.

What problem sir you facing can you share mee sir