Ather 450X Dashboard and Software - User experiences, Reviews

It is surely not smart. I am another disappointed customer who also bought the subscription in excitement. Here are my pain points:

  • The maps are mostly useless. They don’t work when you need them. 80% of the times it disappears when I am riding and following the directions. No live traffic. Doesn’t show the Ather chargers along the route. Pinching in and out is extremely buggy and slow.
  • No smart charging: I have this anxiety all the time as I don’t want to charge it to 100 % everytime. I don’t want to use any smart plugs. Please i have spent 2 lakhs and also paying for subscription. Ather should enable smart charging, period.
  • The dashboard fan keeps running too loud even at slow speeds. However, I still hope that all these issues can be easily fixed if they are serious about it. Hopefully they do fix these someday.

Smart charging is a good to have feature. But the real focus as of now should be on stabilization of all the existing and advertised feature rather than incorporating new features, is my opinion.

Moreover there are sync issues in the software with such an issue if smart charging feature is brought into picture it won’t work as anticipated and agin we complain about it.

So let them first stabilize the softwate (which is so disappointing now). Also what is the fun if all features are provided upfront later we dont have that fun of updating experience. It will become a boring item after some time.

As much as I agree with you that ather should allow us to do so, when you buy a 2 Lakh phone also, you don’t expect it to grow a protection glass or a case around it right? It’s better to start using an accessory if its going to positively affect the life of your product. Start using a smart plug you can at least get the ability to always end charging at ~84% Hassle-free with a simple command.

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How can i use a smart plug when my parking lot is 11 floors down and there is no wifi in the parking space? It doesn’t work for everyone but a smart charging does. For now I just leave it plugged in and don’t care about the battery health. Its too much effort and anxiety. Peace :v:

I believe it’s worth the effort. Keeping your battery trickle charging at ~100% overnight might actually affect the battery. But then again I have no proof with respect to ather to back this up. The little proof I do have says my battery health is in the range of 97-98% after 10.5K and a fellow owners 11k run scooter was at 95% so if I am able to delay the degradation. It might just be worth it.

I think quite a few of these smart plugs can be set up using hotspot and once schedule is set it’ll continue to work.
It’s stupid that we’re even having this conversation. I wish ather just explained to us why it’s so hard for them to allow us to set a charge limit :pensive: my small 700 rupee smart plug has smart features that ather can’t push ?


You’ll have to use digital timer plug with a lot of trial and error…

How do you find the battery health? I don’t see the option anywhere on the app or the scooter.

Ather gave it to a few 450 owners who wanted to upgrade to the 450X to aid in the sale of the 450.
Mine, I just estimate based on real world tests, to measure the usable capacity of my battery.

Considering that they are offering 3 years warranty if the battery efficiency goes below 70% shouldn’t they actually give us the stats for it?

Upvote this feature request please!


Hi sir how is your ather 450x sir any problem facing recently share your experiences sir…

Hi, @abhishek.balaji

Am facing map issues in Dashboard.

  1. Auto disconnecting while navigation running time.
  2. Selecting pin not working it’s hard to select.(always getting refresh to original location)
  3. Selected favorite not showing in favorite section.
  4. Recent History not showing.

Any other owners facing same issue’s. @Owners-Bengaluru @450x_owners

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I second the below two issues.

  1. Navigation mode turns to dash screen without any intended input.
  2. Map resets to scooter’s current location periodically while trying to drop pin after scrolling to desired location.
    a. Workaround: press the drop pin button and then do the scrolling to set desired location

Even after atom update today i noticed dashboard display is on since night and battery came down from 72 to 69% and second issue is when we do full charge after 8 hours it will come to 93% without any usage this will also bring down the range.

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Push location doesn’t work

I agree it might depended on network availability

Still assuming that case It should be shown while riding to another area which I had pushed from no network

I mean pending push notification shall pop up

For example

Pushed location from mobile when I was in Baner

Then headed towards punawale which is almost 15 km from Baner

I went mahalunge , Wakad , etc tried pushing from different locations

Rebooted several times As service guy suggested - installed iOS app beta version

It doesn’t seems network issue to me

Second issue I’m facing is - as I start riding google map opens automatically!!

Tried to call customer care number

Thank you for calling us, this call may be recorded …….

Listening this since 2-3 days - for about 4-5 min twice / thrice a day

I don’t think if there is someone to pickup the calls


I am facing issues with bluetooth connectivity. Connected once days back and if i try to connect when use it wont connect. I think i have to go for 10-20km ride the bluetooth wont connect instantly very buggy. The first time also took 10min (600seconds) atleast to connect. It was a difficult task for me because the location sync and bluetooth wont sync to connect bluetooth. If anybody facing this bluetooth connectivity issue help me with suggestions (or) bug failure.

Hi friends Praveen from vizag Very happy for having ather 450x

This is my predicted range in ride mode But my doubt is charge remaining is 38 % And remaining predicted range is 26 km in ride mode So how could I get 108 km projected range Pls clarify


To understand the difference between the Projected range and the Predicted Range, read the below FAQ.

Predicted is the overall range of the vehicle. Projected is the range assuming you’ll continue to ride till 0% just like how you did in one particular ride.

That’s why projected range appears in every ride stat and Predicted range is just one

This is just like projected score and predicted score in cricket!

For example, if RCB scores 20 runs in the first over…Projected score will be 400. But predicted score will be something like 180. Projected score is just a simple projection. But predicted score takes into account RCB’s historical performance, pitch conditions, player form, opposition players etc…

Depending on what you want…both are useful.

If someone asks how much is the real range of the vehicle…you can show predicted range.

If you want to see how much range is left, after you’ve consumed some percentage of battery…projected range is better. Based on this you can take a call if you want to alter your riding style or not


I guess we have a valid point here. The 108 km range shown on the app is if the riding style is maintained and the charge is 100%.

In this case the charge is 38% and the expected range would be close to 40km. This would make more sense to plan the next trip while looking at this page of the app. But given the number in the dashboard is a “safer” estimate, it is better to go with that.

Yes this is right. I personally always look to my dashboard value only. Say I got a full charge for a long trip I try to find a charging point not anywhere more than 75km, since riding patterns are not always same and statistics ranges shown in app are based on past rides and not the currrent ride.

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