Ather 450X Dashboard and Software - User experiences, Reviews

Hi, Share your Experiences, Reviews and Suggestions for Dashboard and Software of Ather 450X. I believe there is no official software mannual for 450X so far, our reviews will be handy for those new to 450X…


Just a note here to mark any feature requests under #ather-experience:feature-requests

Here’s a glimpse of the next generation app connected intelligent performance based smart scooter’s OTA update option in latest stable Ather App

Regarding dashboard None of the connect pro features working fine.

Ride statistics has sync issues (Some data could not be found :exclamation:)

Start and Stop location unknown.

Documents isn’t synced on the dashboard (Shows in App)

Map was working but since morning it’s not working. It’s showing Connect plans are required to use this feature message.

Can’t check for OTA update. (Check above video)

The vehicle is smart but it doesn’t know it’s model number and colour variant.

Recent changelog says Ride Statistics Sharing feature is added but I’m not able to see it anywhere.

That’s all the vehicle has now. Currently all 450x users have a normal ev with a digital dashboard which shows speed with animation.

Nothing smart, nothing connected.

On the top of this they’re asking new customers to buy connect plans with these issues.

I hope Ather guys understand that one will buy the connect plans only when they’re sure they’ll get what they’re paying for.

Subscription of people who paid for connect plans isn’t activated yet. 3-4 days passed.

Currently whole connectivity is buggy. You shouldn’t ask for connect subscription until these all issues are resolved.

Take your time to fix these but don’t lock the connectivity features till then.

We’re not paying for your beta testing :expressionless:


Because of this only, I didn’t want to pay (even though my payment window opened one month back). I am adamant that I dont want to buy, without most of the problems got rectified or streamlined, got 450X full option vehcle with all hardwares and its associated softwares are working as expected. Apart from that I can understand OTA updation or software bugs. But I understand that from your snapshot, the GUI doesn’t have even basic things (Even the name of the scooter). I dont want to get fooled by paying subscription and using smart scooter without smart features enabled. I didnt understand, why Ather want to launch 450X in a hurry without making basic software features enabled. Even they can identify some people for beta testing before releasing actual vehicles to market. We waited for 11months and customers will wait for 1-2more months to get the actual smart scooter.


@abhishek.balaji I have had the series 1bike for 4 days and app is not at all working. 1st day it showed correctly and notified when bike was fully charged after that it is not syncing at all. I have registered 3 issues and no one has contacted me till now. I am not sure if I made the right choice by picking this up and paying 12 months of connect pro upfront. Customer service is very very bad. For a premium product like ather with premium price this customer service and app issues should not happen. Its been a disappointing experience with dashboard and app I have attached screen shot as well. Vehicle synced last 16 hours ago


Thanks for flagging these! Please do report these bugs through the app or to Ather Customer Service, if you haven’t already done so. We might not be able to resolve each one on the ticket, but having a log of these bugs helps the developers fix them.

We’re aware of these bugs as reported by other owners, and the devs are working on getting these fixed.


wow… the only reason i was going to buy is because of its advanced and well connected dashboard with the mobile… now after reading these reviews, guess i will have to hold the brakes for a while before buying the Ather 450X.


@abhishek.balaji - I have already raised a lot of issues on the app and no one has contacted me. I also want to let you know alot of 450x owners have bluetooth enabled but I don’t have it on my dashboard. I don’t know why we have these discrepancies or I feel we are left out once the vehicle is purchased


Are you sure about this because. A lot of discussion is going on regarding this. AFAIK bluetooth hardware is available but it is unusable for now because of software update required and this is the case with all 45X owners not just you.

It is at least expected by End of Dec or Jan start.But before that we all are expecting software issues on App and dashboard to be fixed. Unless which the word smart vehicle is of no use.


That’s correct, Bluetooth features will be rolled out through an Over the Air update in Feb 2021.


I know lot of issues are raised here w.r.t 450x dashboard and app issues and you guys are aware and working on that. But just wanted to know any tentative target time you guys have set for yourself for the fixes. Because I don’t want my self get frustrated and disappointed for those issues once I take delivery. If I know that for how long I have to bare with those issues it would be good not just for me for lot of others.

Please let us be assured by giving a time line other wise it is making a bad impression on what you guys have built for around 4 years.

With all the interest and love towards Ather I don’t want deliveries to be open in any further cities before these issues get rectified. Because those are the new cities where unlike the cities which had all hands on experience and trust built around the company, if they have a bugged software then it will not create a good impression for them. And there are many players who wanted to cash on that which I don’t want to happen.


The next OTA is being tested, which will solve some of the bugs and issues reported. Don’t have an exact timeline, but you can expect an update in the next couple of weeks.

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Thanks for reporting! We might not be able to respond to each of the issues raised, but they’re being reported to the relevant teams to get the fixes out.

Thanks for throwing some light on this.

But is there anything like an extension of subscription period by two three weeks for 450X or plus users those who already took new connect subscription and unable to utilise that due to issues.

Any thing as such can be expected.


Hi Bought the Subscription Connect Pro (Yearly) but I still do not see maps on the 450X it says you need a subscription… what may be the issue ?

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Hey, should be activated in some time. If it doesn’t reflect in a day, do reach out to customer support to report this issue. I’ll be flagging this to the team anyway to check why there’s a delay in activation.

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This is the 3rd Day after I purchased the Subscription Connect Pro (Yearly)

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Noted, thanks for flagging this! The team is looking into the delay.

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Then why is customer asked to select the subscription plan and pay for features that will be available after 3 months. Why charge the customer when you are not fully ready with the product/service?


Been using 450x from last 10 days. Issues based on my experience- maps are not working on scooter ( customer care doesn’t seem to respond) . Ather app is buggy and doesn’t fetch many details. Positives - head turner for sure , Warp mode is fun.