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What is app version now updated? is it 3.6.5 .89?

Can we have a WiFi option where there is a connectivity problem with the in built SIM card ?

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Does anyone receive the OTA for 450x or 450plus the beta version announced day before yesterday.

Nope. Till now not yet received.

Is it normal while parked at direct sunlight, dashboard fan turns on and off frequently? Or is a issue that’s need to be reported to cc? @abhishek.balaji

@abhishek.balaji After recent mobile app update, the app is getting crashed in my oneplus 8 mobile. I even tried with uninstalling and reinstalling the app, made my mobile to reset factory settings and rebooted the mobile but the issue dint get fixed. Where as the app installed in my another mobile MI note 6 in that it is working but still the new update is not showing the vehicle charging status and percentage charge correctly. Document sync issue is fixed now, after the update. Wonder y the mobile app is getting crashed in few mobiles, may be the new Android OS 11 in my oneplus 8 mobile is not supporting the ather mobile updated app. Please let me know if anyone else is facing similar issue.

When we search for Ather Grids near using the navigation in the dashboard it shows a list of grid points which are from Bengaluru and other towns whereas the vehicle is in chennai. It was difficult to find out the nearest Grid point until I actually knew the location to specifically search for it… If the available Grid points are sorted on the basis of distance from the vehicle location, it would be convenient to find out the nearest one… Also display of Grid points in Bengaluru also doesn’t make any sense when the vehicle location is chennai… The available Grid points are also show only as a list, instead if they are shown as points in the maps it will me more convenient to choose the right Grid point on your commute…


This might be the issue because someone else with android 11 also reported the same crashing issue.


This feature is available in the app. I guess you can search from app and send it to your scooter.

Is there still no Bluetooth connectivity?

Coming with an OTA update. Check out Abhishek’s post in the internal updates thread.

Reposting this here in case someone missed the announcement: Internal updates - Ather 450X & 450 Plus

I have navigation also in my mobile… But the point is to use the dashboard only for navigation… Suppose your friend is using the vehicle and doesn’t have the app installed??

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Just wanted to add a point to this.

Someone may say we can push the location from app to vehicle. Yes but always we should be available to send the location that might not be possible all the time our friend/family someone is using vehicle and we are in middle of a meeting need a charge then?

So the point of showing nearest locations of charge first in dashboard is pretty much required and also it should show locations of that particular city.

Now when I open dashboard maps and select charging point option it shows few in Bangalore not necessarily be nearest, then some from chennai then again Bangalore.

Why show chennai/Hyderabad locations in dashboard map for a person in Bangalore. He will not go there to charge right.


Is this addressed by chance? I have a problem with Jio’s network

Yes, known issue with Android 11, we’re working on fixing this through an app update. Don’t have an exact timeline yet, will share when we have some clarity on this.

If it’s a known issue why would you even release it and make customer suffer. I am not able to check charging status, ride statistics, push navigation.

You could have given a note saying that the build is unstable with Android 11. So I could have not updated. Now I am stuck in the middle.

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By known issue I mean we got to know of the bug after it was released. We’d ofc not release the same version if it crashes on devices. We’re working on getting this resolved asap, will share an update here when we have some clear timelines.

I have an issue with ather mobile app opening in my mobile onepluse 8 pro please fix it

After the recent update of my 450x… The screen flashes when I’m using maps and going at speeds above 40 or 50… And it stops flashing below 40 Anybody else facing this issue? Is it due to connectivity?