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Why side stand sensor in 450x is used only has an indication purpose and not cutting off motor while side stand is engaged? Is it a issue or need ota to do that?

It will not cut the motor. When motor is off and stand is engaged it will not start. It will not effect if motor is already on and stand engaged. Because of safety reasons.

Generally we don’t engage the stand while running and the side stand in Ather is designed so good that it will not become loose to engage automatically.

If motor cuts off while running it might route to accidents hence they have not given that option.

If there is a strong use case then slowing down the motor torque can be checked I guess as a feature request through OTA.


Ather should adopt Google maps on their dash board rather than using any other maps for navigation because after using the maps I felt like Google maps are far way better than any other.

Features like real time traffic moments, finding best routes depending on current traffic and road closures , accuracy in routes etc

What you see on the dash is Google Maps!. The overlay is custom built , but underlying API are Google Navigation api.

When its Google maps then why there is no real time traffic moments

Why there is no alternate similar ETA routes when we type a destination

why does it lack in re routing when we take alternate route

If they are using Google maps then it should work same like the Google maps but at current it doesn’t

I totally agree even i have got the same concerns from ather

True ather should fix the side stand issue immediately


Probably that’s another pay tire for the API. @cyberboysumanjay should know more deeets.

Because they do not offer this as an api for commercial users.

This already exists in the 450 today.

Google maps on your phone uses different api’s. As and when it is made available to commercial users, Ather will be able to update their implementation.

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This is the same reason even high end cars don’t offer real time traffic in their dashboards.

When ather says that they are using snapdragon processor they have got network and GPS like features in hardware

Then why not make the dashboard as an complete android based so that users may get the facility to download the Google maps

Why wait for Google until they rollout their app for commercial users


You seem to have confused availability of API with availability of gmaps app. Commercial use like how Ather or how any other automobile companies require for using gmaps tech on android auto or anywhere else requires their own set of APIs. What Google provides today to these commercial companies does not include real time traffic data. For the same reason you wouldn’t see traffic data on swiggy or zomato while tracking your order.

They use a low end snapdragon processor (the 200 series I think). The way I see it, Running a full version of android just for the sake of downloading Google maps does not make sense for few reasons -

  1. dashboard performance will be poor due to low end processor.

  2. Cluttered and complicated UI resulting in poor UX with a truckload of unnecessary features- one that isn’t tailored for use on a scooter.

  3. Some of the current features that we take for granted like sending location, charging points, favourites etc will be hard to integrate into phone/tablet style android gmaps.

  4. Higher Costs, even if they could overcome all of the above.


Cross linking @cyberboysumanjay post. I too want the same implementation by Ather.

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I totally agree with that… this seems so incomplete as compared to google maps

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Below are the issues i noticed with my 450x, @abhishek.balaji, @tarun

do you guys have sufficient QA team to perform these testing before rolling them out… also please do share ETA, i felt pro subscription is of no use, as i cant efficiently use the features coz of all below issues.

  • In App i still see 450 instead of 450x
  • Document uploaded, not seen in scooter document section
  • Send location from app doesn’t work
  • cant set home/work location
  • Map reroute is not working
  • app crashes on ios app, when i select " vehicle OTA update"
  • Ride statistics have error “some data couldn’t be found”
  • app is slower in IOS

you guys should extend subscription for all early adopter of 450x.

Thank You…


I totally agree , these are the issues with 450x which everyone are facing.


+1. Same with me…

I totally agree with u even they have to extend subscription for early adopters coz they aren’t able to provide proper services of pro subscription plans

No Bluetooth

Side stand motor cut-off issue

Maps always lags

Uploaded documents doesn’t show on dashboard For two days and if it gets sync after a day and if we modify any document delete or add it doesn’t gets sync

Dashboard restarts suddenly by its own on the go or sometimes it gets stuck up like a pc need to get restart dashboard


Yes Every 450x owners has these issues. App related issues may get solved in couple of weeks by new app update.

Bro couple of weeks is couple of weeks back I wish this OTA shall be out by end of coming week​:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


These will be fixed in the next OTA updates for the 450X. We expect this to be rolled out in the next couple of weeks.