Suggesting Routes and Predicting Battery Consumption

Suppose we are going to a specific location (A to B) and we navigated to B from A.

It would be really nice to display the predicted battery SOC which will be left once we reach B. Also show if round trip (A to B and then B to A) is possible with the current battery status or not. If not then create a new suggested route which connects to the optimum grid location on the route and as the charging speed of grid is know, we can calculate the time which we have to charge and add this up to the ETA of reaching B (Or A in case of round Trip)

This will not only make use of the network of Ather Grids but also reduce Range Anxiety which every EV owner has :sweat_smile:

If this seems too complex to users you may introduce a Long Drive mode?

Would love to hear opinions of other owners :upside_down_face:


I’m no software engineer but that doesn’t sound too difficult to make. But we still have some way to go considering the fact that at present, the grid points are not even displayed in the order of the distance to the scooter location. Your request is pretty much in line with what tesla alrrady has. If you’ve time (30 mins), watch this video where he’s covered that feature in good detail


This problem reminds me of Traveling Salesman Algorithm :sweat_smile:

Please correct me if I’m wrong but the grids shown in the app is sorted in order of distance, right?

It says near me and I know the order is correct for atleast 3-4 grids

Thanks, I’ll check the video.

That was my favourite chapter in Operations Research

That’s the Ather Grid app. I was talking about the Ather app (and the scooter dashboard) . It’s just a random list. Neither is it sorted by date of installation, nor distance. It’s not even in Alphabetical order.

Basically my point was that when Ather has been so slow in implementing these basic things, your feature request is quite sometime away


Yeah, true. Scratching my head on this since Day 1. Never understood the logic of ordering. Listing them based on distance as per GPS location seems rather easy to implement since our location & route info are RIGHT THERE in the app…

Bingo you guys already have one more person who support this.