App Update Wants - Feature requests

  • Pin lock for toggling Incognito.
  • Best Economy in previous ride is being displayed in the app so that the rider know what he needs to do to improve his driving the Ather efficiently

Incognito mode is actually not Incognito mode as all the details are still visible apart from location name.
I feel this should add km on the meter and no data should be captured

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Yes it is possible But then app need permission to access to call logs and messages for this feature . I think not everyone is interested in sharing these details with ather even if ather is not interested in Data monetization .


If you Are apple Ios user Driving mode does the same thing which is turned on by default for phone running iOS 11 and above

If you are android user we Can use Do not disturb mode

How to setup in android

Maybe ather will consider it as a Feedback .

I think Ather should provide a toggle with three Incognito modes they are


Semi :

location data captured will not be sent to Ather server

Full :

Both location data and driving data will not be sent to servers

At end of the trip it should give a prompt asking do you want share this data Yes Or no

If Yes:

Data will be shared to server

If no

Data will not be shared to server

Ather need’s your driving data for launching new and better products basing on the data captured from old users driving patterns .

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I have an android. Unfortunately. And I totally agree with you. Most of them won’t like the idea of sharing phone/call log permission. We’ll see what ather can do.

Incognito means it should be 100% Incognito their should be no option of partial or full this is completely against personal space. As customers we should have complete control over the product we buy.

I have a doubt , is the Sim slot in ather is 4g capable?. Airtel and Vodafone is planning to pull of the 3g services by 2020. why did ather opt for 3g , when 4g was readily available in Bangalore and Chennai.
Now what will happen to data connectivity feature when 3g services are shut down by airtel and Vodafone.

I believe it’s an eSim - not a physical sim slot.

I even called customer support and got info
that they will upgrade to 4g in future version.
Does that mean all the existing customers will not be able to navigate or get OTA after 2020.

What’s the use of having a smart scooter without data connectivity.
As far as I know 4g is launched way back in 2014 in India.

Been a customer of Vodafone for past 10 years.
Vodafone has worst 3g connectivity in Chennai, especially in IT areas like tidel park , siruseri and most part of the areas all we get is 1-2 points at max.

Seriously atleast from now. Ather should start including 4g Sims in their scooters.

For existing customers , they can upgrade it for a nominal price. If they think it costs more.

As far as I know 4g modems costs few hundreds more than 3g modem. They are battery effecient too. Citing battery consumption issues ather team told they haven’t included 4g modems. But they should seriously consider 4g modems . 3g is counting it’s last days.

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After 2018 any SIM which is purchased will be multi slot compatabl with by default 4G compatabl it only depend on the device which we are using and location where 4G is available.

Unfortunately SIM what is used in 450 today is eSIM and modem used in the vehicle is 3G compatible.

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I doubt 3G is going to be phased out that fast. Even if they do, drawing from the days of Uninor going out of business, they allowed customers to use other networks or a while.

Ather’s dashboards have an eSIM, but it’s an M2M SIM, meaning it’s only for data and it cannot be controlled by the user. Ather would have a contract with Vodafone, with a service level agreement for a few years at least. It saves the trouble of ensuring that the data is recharged, validity etc.

As per conversations at the Chennai event, Ather should be directly looking at 5G for any new development, since it’ll take about a year to propagate. Building something with 4G now, which is expected to last 5 years minimum, is a lost cause.

Also, the number of 3G devices is still huge, compared to 4G.


Please look at this news.
They already had shutdown in Kolkata.

Airtel started it and soon other competitors will follow.
With JIO being 4g only network.

I’ve been following this and am not worried at all. It starts with handsets and direct consumers and not business deployments. There’s plenty of time to make the switch and I don’t see 3G shutting down completely for 3 years. Besides, it’ll fallback to 2G if that happens which should work for the dashboard.


For Ather’s usage 2G is more sufficient for tracking and navigation .

Only it requires higher data at the time of new OTA updates.


If it fall back to 2g it will 3-4 hrs for OTA update … even then there will be some download error


Sure, but the panic was similar over other things like VGA in laptops and regular USB. Here we are :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Worst case, Ather has to take up manual updates for OTAs and no charge for connectivity but that’s their headache.

Running Google maps on 2g is almost impossible. You can forget about stuff like re-routing after a missed turn or traffic updates.

With tightening budgets after the Jio attack , telcos will be looking at trimming down maximum fat. 4g is the standard for now and will be for quite a few years till 5g becomes the main stream. There is very little sense for any Telco to continue with 3g services.

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I am pretty sure no company will risk the negative press if they are going to let all current owners with a scooter that does only half of what it should be doing.

I don’t see a reason to panic at the moment.


I think it will take at least 2-3 years … by that time our Ather 450 battery will also degrade… then ather will come up with upgrade packages in which both upgraded battery with hybrid battery technology and updated LOGIC BOARD will be replaced which will be costing less than Rs 45000 or they may sell LOGIC BORD for less than Rs 2500

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