App Update Wants - Feature requests


Let us list our WANTS for the next Mobile App update here in this thread? Note, there is another thread for OTA (Dashboard) update.

  1. Shut Down Feature
  2. Battery Health Indicator
  3. Map Enhancements - Navigate to a point in the map
  4. Ride Statistics update (it is sluggish now)


Send co ordinates to Ather App/ Vehicle via app or Google Maps


Not sure if this is currently available, but if not adding live traffic information


I think Live Traffic update should be part of Dashboard update (not App)


Absolutely right, rajeshkav. Sorry, I missed that section.


You can already push coordinates from the Ather app to the scooter for navigation.


For example, someone sends me location in WhatsApp.
I want to send it to my Ather, how to do that?!


Some random co ordinate

  • Stop charging option on app
  • In Ride statics, add energy generated (Wh) for each trip


I think they will have to work with whatsapp for that integration to happen. Meanwhile you could find that location on google maps and use a nearby landmark on the Ather maps search to navigate to.
What would be nice to have in the near term however is the option to navigate to a particular coordinate by pointing to it on the maps tab/dashboard and not have to use search always to navigate.

  1. key less entry. On and off in my 450 app to include


what do you mean keyless entry? :grin:


This feature require Bluetooth in scooter which is not present currently.


That’s exactly what I don’t want to do!!
So, when you click on the co-ordinates, it should list options for opening. Maps, Google Maps, Ather, etc.
When selected Ather App, open Maps in Ather App and send location to 450.


but even that functionality is not available right now, you can navigate only using landmarks and not coordinates.


That’s exactly what I WANT


So I had added this feature to the Google Forms, but just putting it out here to get some thoughts.

Its a timed shutdown feature. You can set say times at which Ather should daily shutdown once parked. Could be set to something like 8:30 PM, so that even if you come home and forget to shutdown, its taken care of. Should be simple to implement and can resolve the ride history not uploaded sort of issues.


The only way to do this is to copy the address from Google Maps and paste this address to search for location field in Ather app Maps. From there you can “send location” to the dashboard. See sample screenshot.


All I want is an easier way to get it done!!