App Update Wants - Feature requests


The horn is a seperate piece of hardware - no way a speaker can support that tone and level without cracking.

The speaker is to support the chimes and bells for startup, turn indicator etc.


Ah ok, now i get it. I was earlier referring to a separate speaker that imitates the sound of an IC engine. Don’t think the 450 has that a la Revolt, and thankfully!


inducing exhaust note / engine sound into a vehicle is disgusting. I would never buy a vehicle with fake sounds.


if i find it on my vehicle - ill remove it


Even Kona Electric is going to do that, for pedestrian safety…

I am not sure abt others. When BMTC got brand new Volvos 10 years back, it was pedestrian’s nightmare with high speed and hardly any sound just passes by with inches away, with no way for others to know…


It’s still ridiculous. People should have some kind of road awareness. People who are driving as well as people walking/crossing the roads.


In the states, yes there is a requirement for a hybrid or EV to make artificial noise to alert visually impaired or hearing impaired pedestrians.

In India, everybody honks like the apocalypse is coming. More than enough of an auditory warning for pedestrians.


That’s because in the USA and other countries, people who are driving respect or rather scared for the pedestrians. They stop for peds. Here no one cares for peds. No discipline in people whatsoever.


True… But if everyone does everything correctly every time then we don’t need.

Why do you think DRL came into picture as a part of BS norms, when every vehicle had headlights already.

Because if a driver does not switch on by mistake, that should not cause problem to others. So make DRL which is ON all the time.

Yes it’s useless for everyone who already follows the rules. But given reality some rules are required for safety.


Exactly… Pedestrians cross thinking they will not stop for us anytime…

Vehicles don’t stop thinking anyway they will cross all the time. If we give way we have to keep giving


After living in KSA for 15 years, then coming to BLR, I found it horrible to even walk. Reason- no footpath.

After 2 years, when I was driving car with my dad, I didn’t feel comfortable driving without honking.
Reason- no footpath, people want to walk in the center of the Road!!


I don’t feel safe to drive/ride/walk at all. Bangalore is better compared to a few other major cities in India. But when we’re driving a car, we blame the two wheeler’s for haphazard riding. When we are riding a two wheeler we feel that whatever way we ride is fine. But its absolutely not. Whenever we are walking/crossing the road, we would have to be extra careful because stupid guys don’t give way to peds. There is absolutely no discipline in people . They don’t even know what lane discipline is, always waiting to cut us of the lane. And the Auto guys are perfect since birth.


Lane discipline-- yaru adu?


LOL :joy::joy:
Have you observed? there are no lanes at all in Bangalore. 90% of the roads are not marked. So people are not educated with lane discipline.




what is KSA? :


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


:slight_smile: Our footpaths are leased out for delivery boys of Uber Eats, Swiggy, Zomato… in the gap, some of the two wheeler heroes uses it :wink:


If app can provide alert at 80% or any other preset charge level it will be nice