App Update Wants - Feature requests

it’s good to see in ride statistics, if we can see the starting% and ending% of battery for that particular ride


Can we have Widget which can be installed in our Phone and which shows the Battery Percentage, So that we can actively monitor our vehicle battery.
(Once I plugged the charger but forgot to switch it on, So next day morning when I came down to start for work I saw my 450 is not charged)

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Point 3. Map should be able to automatically change directions not ask if change is to be taken. In order to go ahead with changed directions one needs to stop, select OK and then continue

With the latest update it automatically changes (some don’t prefer this by the way for their own genuine reasons).
However, even otherwise, there was no need stop to select OK from the screen. The power button was doing that function for you.

I’m actually surprised at this post as you’re asking something which is already there. Or am I missing something?

Would also like to see find my bike feature in app which will route the owner to bike. This is helpful to search vehicle in public parking area.

Yes… Thanks to Point out these… Very useful ones…


Hadn’t used this feature for a bit, now it is functional

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please consider adding an option both on app and dashboard to restrict a particular mode (may be sport mode) with a pin

Elaborate? Do you mean restrict mode switching?

if i disable sport mode rider should only be able to switch between ride and eco mode
if i disable eco mode rider should only be able to switch between ride and sport mode


you mean like a guest mode? for when someone else is using your 450? if so, maybe restrict access to the documents section too and remove access to disable incognito mode. there was a time when rider profiles was promised in a future update. but I have not heard about it in a long time.

I would vouch for removal of the ECO mode as its useless .Thus meeting yours and my requirement , I have been pestering Ather to get the ECO mode removed as its such a pain riding in this mode and there is no option to disable the mode and was not existing when I got the scooter.

Yes. We need an override option that allows us to access at least the ride mode.

Wish for Guest Mode with below options

  • Can set particar Drive Mode
  • Live Tracking
  • Trip Details
  • incognito mode off
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also geo fencing

I would like the below features to be part of the future releases:

  1. While the vehicle is charging the App shows the range in the mode in which the vehicle is. I would like a feature on the app, where we can see the range in the other modes as well. i dont want the mode on the vehicle to be changed, but an predective range on the app with different modes, so that i know how much range is available on let’s say ride mode/sports mode if the vehicle is in Eco mode while charging. ( i know i can roughly predict them based on % of charge, but i am too lazy. :stuck_out_tongue:) This feature on the app would be really great.

  2. Regenertive braking should trigger the tail lights. I am not 100% sure if it does currently, but AFAIK it doesn’t. I believe its a good/important safety feature to let the vehicle behind you know that you are slowing. I know that the regen braking is very slow and slows the vehicle down very slowly, but whether the braking is slow or fast, the vehicle behind should know by the tail lamps that the vehicle is slowing. As the main motive of tail light is that.

  3. In App Notifications - for the % of vehicle charged, i would ideally recommend 2 (1 at 80%, and other one at 100%). A feature where we can set the charging cutoff % from the App would be absolutely wonderful.


I’ve always had this doubt, never got around to testing it.

Have been requesting @Ather.Team to come up with option to disable auto update , there is no choice given to end user to stop any update from happening.
There is no check box to disable update from happening , with every new firmware update some new bugs are introduced and its a pain to explain and get it sorted from Ather.