App Update Wants - Feature requests


@Shreyas… My vehicle is yet to get OTA. I hear from customer support that they are seeing the current status is “Downloading”. But they are not aware how much downloaded.

Please show in app or dashboard if downloading is in progress and how much progress.


Can’t be converted to Kindle format from pdf? I can give it a try


Please consider adding iPhone/ android phone link alerts to the display ? it will be convenient to see who is texting or calling you.
My cycle computer shows me txt & phone alerts!


It that possible??
I don’t think so!!


Current hardware does not support WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity - so a P2P connection is out of the question. They would need to build a whole set of APIs to sync phone data to the cloud and then back to the bike.

The bigger question though is, do we really need to be on the phone all the time. We have enough distractions on the road, don’t need to add more to the chaos.


App feature request:

  • remote charging stop/ solenoid unlock


No thanks. Already the roads are full of people busy tapping away on their windscreen-attached-phones and it causes so many dangerous incidents. The last thing needed is more interactions on the screen when driving. Ather’s idea is to remove the need to use your phone when on the vehicle by providing navigation options.


I’ve a crazy idea for the app. I don’t know if Ather can actually Implement it. I’d like to know everyone’s opinion about it.

Because our bikes are linked to the app on our phones, and once we hit the road and start riding it, the app knows it too. And when we get a call or a text on our phone and when the user doesn’t pick the call, the Ather app can send a message to the person calling. This will be great if Ather team can manage to add this option.


What if we have the app in two phones.
One with me and one at home?


Tricky question. :thinking: But they could solve it by the GPS on the phone I guess.


Sounds like a DND or Do Not Disturb mode on any smartphone these days. Pretty much does the same thing.


AFAIK it’s only on some phones. Not all oems have that feature baked in.


Want a feature where we are able to make fake engine sounds when using throttle and idling.
Even better idea - Let us upload a custom audio to use.
I would use this masterpiece -


Revolt is doing this on their bike. It would need a speaker to be fitted on the vehicle. Don’t think Ather 450 has any speakers.

IMO, I like the natural electric motor’s whine… hence many have aptly named their vehicles as ‘Flight xxxx’.


Can Ather open source the app? There are a lot of enthusiastic Ather owning engineers who would be willing to add features. Ather can review and pull the ones they find valuable and safe.


The Ather 450 has a speaker. It’s just above the bag hook on the inside of that panel.


Interesting. Thanks for pointing that out, I was not aware.

@raghav.srinivasan how did you get to know about this? I’ve never heard anyone from ather or any of the owners talk about this before?

@Ather.Team can you confirm the presence of a speaker on the 450 to generate the engine/motor sound?


Never noticed


It does have a speaker. That’s how the horn and the indicators work I suppose :slight_smile: Not sure of the location though.
I like the electric whine of the motor too. I don’t think they should add a fake sound like Revolt did.


@Shreyas…The ‘Terms & Privacy Policy’ link on the mobile app is not working. Please look at the screenshot attached.! Its routing to instead of