450X: Product/Technical discussions

hi is there any pattern of delivery like buying the grey one will get you the delivery faster cos there will be more stock of it ready in the factory or is it like when they receive an order they make a scooter for that order from start

It depends on the availability of stock. However they ask for a indicative colour preference when you book on the website so that they can plan.

Even I have experienced that visor problem . One day I just decided to take a close look at my visor while cleaning it and boom there are many cracks. I contacted ather space In visakhapatnam and they said it is a quality problem :neutral_face:and they will have it replaced. Has anyone else faced this problem?

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Yea. Me too. Infact many. They replaced mine without any problems under warranty.


can belt adjustment be done by the owners also or only by service centre? and if can be done by us how do we do it?

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Belt adjustment should be done only at the service centre or by authorised service personnel at your doorstep. They have the required tools to measure the belt tensioning.


He @abhishek.balaji I’ve already mentioned this earlier.

What is the use of showing partial address on the ride statics section? Why not show the complete address when we click on it? Or a timeline on a map would be cool with lines marked with different colours based on the consumption or mode.

Please put on some useful information and controls on the app such as these(mentioned above) and many more like

° Different user mode for different users in family

° Geofencing (a notification when vehicle is out of fence )

° A password for dash or guest mode (so that user cannot access incognito or documents )

° Charge control from app

( I won’t ask for keyless go because of hardware limitations )

All these and many more are very important features for a smart scooter. Please consider these @tarun @abhishek.balaji @chaitanya.hegde instead of that ather labs where you put out CO2 emissions, money saved etc which can easily be calculated with a simple calculator. I’m not saying it’s useless but those are of less priority. Not to mention wh/km, average speed and projected range can also be calculated pretty accurately without the app. So there’s no point in paying for subscription unless navigation is used extensively.

With all these features added, the premium for connect pro would definitely be worth it.


Already asked for it. Upvote and add details in this thread


does Ather 450x have the same underseat storage as ntorq cos the new ntorq has 22ltrs?

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Yes Ather also has the same 22ltrs. What can you fit in the boot of the Ather 450X?

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hi does the Ather 450 and the 450x have the same boot space size.?

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Correct. All 450 models have the same boot space.