107.8KMs in WARP MODE in Single Charge


I am from Alleppey, Kerala. I am a regular user of WARP MODE (frankly saying addict to the mode :wink: ). Did a range test earlier in Warp Mode and got 90Kms in a single charge. Tried the same again recently on 11-05-2022.

Ride was from Alleppey to Kumbalangi to attend a Wedding Reception, Ernakulam (approx one side is 43KMs). Started ride at 04:00PM and returned back to home at 10:00PM. The total KM done was 95.2KM at 22.5Wh/km maintained speed below 40Km/hr (mainly at 30-35km/hr). Switched off the vehicle at each break points (at Kumablangi & back at home). Next day ride was to Office which is around 6KMs, after reaching home the vehicle did 100.1KMs at 22.6Wh/hr. Still battery is at 9% with 6KM to go. Took a short ride and vehicle completed 105.4KMs at 22.5Wh/km, with 3% left and still 2KMs to go. Again went for a ride until vehicle got drained and finally finished at a result of 107.8KMs at 22.7Wh/km.

As I am a new user, bought vehicle in March 2022 and so far completed 2.6K KMs and I am happy & proud to own one of the Premium EV. Mostly now I used to drive My Panther (Ather 450X) for my trip to Ernakulam which is nearby District at a distance approx: 75Kms. I do the ride in WARP MODE and when i reach Ernakulam EC there will be mostly 44% charge left back, used to top up at Grid Point over there and commute in city and return back to EC again to do Full Charge before leaving back to home in Alleppey.

My trip from Alleppey to Ernakulam cost me around Rs. 21/- (3 units charge for full charge at home). I say that no one can travel in such a minimal fare for a distance of 75KMs one side now a days. And I am Proud of Owning Ather 450X and thank God for helping me to choose the right EV.

Herewith attaching few snaps of Dashboard and Ride Stats, not sure it get posted properly. If not plz forgive me for the flaws, as I am not used to with Forum posting.


First of Congratulations on your feat Narayan.

Secondly, how is this even possible?!?!

I’ve driven 4000kms, & the best I could achieve is 27 Wh/Km that too with a mix of 20% Eco, 60% Ride & 20% Sport.

[ Also, please note : It’s “Wh/Km” & not “Wh/hr” ]


Thanks Mr. Shaikh. Its my bad that i mentioned Wh/hr instead of Wh/Km. Its simple, constant throttling + maintaining below 35-40Km/hr speed in long rides will give good result. Also using Regen Braking frequently also add up micro level of power addition to the Battery, which also supports. In long rides normally i used to drive 2-3 Kms in 1% avg, once battery drains <50% it varies and approx 1 Km in 1%, <30% it will go down again 600-800 mts in 1%.

In long rides use single mode and check you will get good result with low efficiency aroud 22-25Wh/Km. Constant Throttle is also one factor with Regen using.

Once again correcting me on Wh/Km :slight_smile:


Thanks for the brief description.

Will give this method a try.

I generally use Eco for Bumper to bumper traffic and speeds upto 25-30 Km/h, Ride for speeds above 30-35 Km/h and Sport on highways at speeds above 45-50 Km/h.


Earlier also I did Test Ride on WARP MODE, as per company True Range is 50KM. When i did trial, vehicle drained at 89.8Kms. In Warp Mode we can drive slowly also whenever required no need to change mode, just throttle and wrooommmm… :wink:


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This changes everything!!!:flushed:


Hahahha it’s some kind of joke last 2 years i was using the Ather i am not achieve the range what company coment and in real world my friends also have the also didn’t get the range and you guys here new something is hide


It all depends how you ride. EV gives more range of you ride slow without harsh accelerations. I personally don’t ride slow so even I didn’t get that company claimed range. Try riding slow without harsh acceleration and see the magic. There is nothing to hide.


Slow nd steady wins the race. Im not telling every time we need to ride slowly. While riding long distance its gud to ride in a decent speed with constant acceleration. Riding depends on each ones interest. Thought it would be gud to all so shared my experience. As you said, you own EV and having 2yrs experience you know better than me. As im just 2 months babie in owning EV🤓


Yes bro that’s why I am said there is no hope to get good range :wink: because the Ather battery :battery: not allowed to get the range


It’s just a misconception that Ather can’t achieve this range. If you ride your EV like you ride a 300cc bike you won’t get the certified range or even close to it. EV has a lot of variables to increase range. Please do go through Tips on how to get good range from your Ather 450X to know how you can achieve the same in your ride. It’s not practical to say we need 100+ range while also going at 90kmph.


Today I exhausted 70% of battery for 22kms all because I had to rush but in the same way u used 22% for 22kms where I rode in smart eco. Entirely depends how you want to ride.


Exactly. It all depends on our riding style.


How to possible

Its upon riding style of each person.

Slowly increasing Speed. Constant throttling. Frequent use of Regen Breaking System. Avoiding Red Halo in Meter Console.

Simply anyone can do it, rather more than this range👍