What will happen to Ather 450?

What will happen to Ather 450? What are the options for owners of 450 and who have already booked for March 2020 delivery?

Looks like 450 will be discontinued? At least that’s how it looks like from this post from live blog:

(Maybe this was mentioned during Q&A after livestream ended?)

If you’ve prebooked the 450, you can still continue the process for delivery for now.

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Is there any chance that Hyderabad folks can get 450?

I don’t think it’s an option. The 450 is speculated to be stopped and the 450Xplus is basically the 450 itself.

Hey @abhishek.balaji
Will we still get updates ? Lile dark mode ? And traffic layer I’m navigation? Thinks we’ve asked for ? Also will we be able to upgrade to this new battery when our present battery are at the end of their life span?


The booking window for 450 is still open for march-april 2020 deliveries. I just booked one and sent cancellation request for the 450X pre-order.

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More than updates, I am concerned that if connectivity is disrupted the scooter will stop charging or otherwise be bricked. Quite clearly Ather believes that sometime soon 3G data will stop or Vodafone will go out of business that is why he mentioned that the SIM was removable in the 450x. I recall back in December there were sync issues with the Google cloud and all of us suffered. I look forward to seeing some concrete assurances from Ather


My guess is ather will come up with solution, if the sim stops so does subscription causing revenue loss to ather & brand value will go in drain.

With people abandoning their 450x orders as seen in forum, ather will be forced to fix 450 for revenue.


3G connection is flakey even today. Look my scooter is in the middle of the ocean


Ather is working on a 4G upgrade for the existing 450 owners. They’ll get back to us soon.


I hope this we get.

:laughing: some time I my Ather also visible in middle of Africa…

So 450 is discontinued just like 340. Wow u just killled a hot selling product as per comments by Ather


What does the second point mean? Not aimed at long term owners ??

It means they are not going to implement subscription free scooter like Bajaj or TVS. But You have to pay atleast for basic subscription plan to get service. Not like just buy a product for long term and done.

You are going to lose your warranty for drowning your 450 in ocean😀

Seems like Ather is setting up the market for inferior products to become mainstream, Apple does sell high end products sure, but Xiaomi sells the most volume, imagine the 2 wheeler market of India and other similarly placed countries like Malaysia Indonesia etc, Ather could have become a leader in EV 2 wheeler world market.

Ather 450 will be abandoned and expect no further updates and features for it apart from the bare essentials and feel like an orphan.

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@abhishek.balaji what about support, OTA updates and services? How long does Ather continue to provide support for Ather 450?

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The mail I received today says throughout its life.