What made you go electric? :)

A few weeks ago I was asked why I went electric. I had my reasons ready - do my part in reducing pollution, support sustainable energy in the long run, help mitigate climate change etc.

But I wasn’t ready for the question that followed–why did others who bought Ather decide to go electric? Do they think along the same lines as I do and if so, is this part of a larger lifestyle change…? Or is it cause EVs just fascinate them in ways ICE no longer does? or are there other factors that they prioritized that I never considered?

While we all reached here in the end, our journeys might have been very different!

So am curious to know. What was your journey like…?? :slightly_smiling_face:


My reasons:

  • Reduce air pollution on roads. This is the most important reason.
  • Ride a largely noiseless vehicle
  • Smoother than ICE
  • Smart features and promising future

For me, along with the above, the instant torque period :sunglasses:


I wanted to be independent of oil :raised_hands:


Economics, plain and simple, it made economic sense for me as the cost of ownership of an electric compared to ICE vehicle is less than 1/4th. I recover the entire investment in about 3 years, and I get electricity reimbursement from my work :wink:

The maintenance aspect of the vehicle is one more reason, less moving parts less maintenance.

And the last, being part the leading wave of a tsunami that is going to be electric vehicles.


What made me to buy electric?:smirk_cat:
Ans). 5years ago I thought EV was a good investment. When ever I plan to buy any things I use to calculate returns on investment but at that time EV’s was having some trouble bcz dry battery so I waited to buy proper EV. One day my friend told me about ather 340s and its specification. We both waited 4years to book 340. Without any test ride we just booked 450 on the launch date, after 8moths of waiting we both bought the 450 for Own.

  • Features made me to buy EV
  1. Speed of 450
  2. Cost (price was below my budget.)
  3. Design
  4. @tarun speech (Launch vide0)
  5. Technology

But I never thought to go green and save environment it was just a added thing to it. I will not say that reason.:pray:t3:


I wanted to be different. :joy: I always pay a premium and get something unique.

I’m not this sustainable energy or climate change guy. That’s a global level task. I can’t achieve it all by myself.


I looked at an EV around 5 years ago for multiple reasons :

  1. Cost of ownership: More due to service hassles and less about the money involved.
  2. Zero emissions: If you drive through Tin Factory, OMR or Silkboard, you know that you’ve basically shaved off a couple of years from your life. Nope, those surgical masks don’t help.
  3. Technology: Seriously! Scooters haven’t really evolved beyond what the govt mandates. Be it moving to 4stroke engines or upgrading to meet emission norms. Do I really want to pay 75k for scooter whose only selling point was the addition of LED DRL?

Back then the only ones I could spot were the Lead Acid ones with a 45kmph limit. They looked ugly and were not practical for a 30km daily ride through ORR.

So went ahead and brought an ICE scooter hoping that something more practical would pop-up in the market soon. 5 years later, lo behold!


Ather made me go electric.

I was already in the market for a scooter for daily rides to work and back (I was thinking of getting a motorcycle but changing gears in Bangalore traffic would be a nightmare).

The 450 just looked so good. Futuristic. Something that you usually see in futuristic product design magazines as concepts. Thought it was an ICE smart scooter. Was pleasantly surprised it was electric.

And I thought, why not? This electric scooter can outperform a petrol one, and be incredibly useful (maps) and futuristic (looks, OTA updates, app, etc.)

I remember Tarun saying in an interview that people are not going to buy EVs because they want to care for the environment. They’re going to buy EVs because they are a better experience altogether!

As much as I bought it for the experience, I’d like to think that it was also because I did care about my Earth, and Ather just enabled me to make that decision.


This! Even though i was quite eager to make the switch to a greener way of transport, it was really hard given the options in the market 2 -3 years ago. I considered compromising several times - but in the end, the product had to be right. I am often willing to pay a premium if it means i can make the right decision and get the right product. And Ather enabled me to do just that :slight_smile:


My answer is

  1. Young crowd in the organisation
  2. Its Indian Electric vehicle :india:
  3. Passion of the people in the organisation towards the vehicle
  4. looks of the vehicle :sunglasses:
  5. Power of the vehicle :rocket:
  6. Technology in the vehicle :man_technologist: :woman_technologist:
  7. Green mobility

Interesting answers in this tread.
The reasons for which I switched to electric was mainly due to one factor -
I didn’t want to be a dirty gas guzzler.
Might sound stupid about how one scooter can make a difference and the answer is that it isn’t really one scooter, it does start with one small change and slowly, people realise and they too start making changes of their own and there you have it ! You’ve become an ambassador for a clean new world free of pollutants. A planet that’s better for you, the entire human population and definetly the whole of planet Earth.
Imagine using one straw and saying, ‘It’s just One straw’ but 7.5 billion people said this and now, the world looks like junk. It’s not just about how big an impact anybody else can make, it’s about whether you can be an ambassador for a better, cleaner and more liveable world. It’s not just about big corporates or the government, it’s about us making a difference.:seedling:

Apart from this,
The 450 is just amazing with the level of technology which is being put to use.
It’s designed and built in our very own Bengaluru ! Applause, crowd going wild
It’s powerful ! Way more powerful than you would initially imagine about electric scooters so much so that it actually surprises even the nay sayers. :exploding_head:
It’s relatively much more silent. :mute:
It’s smooth to ride and you actually love riding it ! :motor_scooter:
It’s so much more unique compared to other dirty oil consuming scooters :joy:
It turns a lot of heads :new_moon_with_face:

P.S - Sorry for the long post.