What made you go electric?

Please do post an update when you move to Solar. A lot of us folks are also planning and would like to hear from the experience of others.

My search for an EV started over 5-6 years ago, when I was looking for a scooter for my dad. Unfortunately, there was no performance E scooter available at that time. So had to go for an activa. But kept my eyes and ears open for any new tech that came as concept or in market. Got first glimpse of Ather when Tarun showcased it for the first time in an Electronics conference/exhibition. I was a bit surprised to see a scooter being shown as a gadget. That caught my attention and I continued to follow Ather. I wanted to get my hands on Ather when it was 1st released for prebooking, but my risk appetite was way low than today, so dropped the plan. Now that I could afford the cost and risk involved, I went ahead and got an Ather for myself.

Alone You can Think only. But together You can really Care. Do tell to buy it by everyone you know. That will be the spirit to care about earth… :laughing:
Also it will increase the sale of Ather itself. May be You shall be rewarded by the Company’s owner…

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My answer to this:
To Make Pollution Free Environment

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My answer:

  1. Didn’t want to stand in a queue to fill Petrol weekly at a Petrol pump station.
  2. Never wanted to renew Pollution Certificate every 6 months.
  3. Fed up of taking my vehicle to service center for servicing ( Overall experience taking and getting the servicing done was horrible)

All the above had become irritants over a period of time.


In five words…“I do not like smoking”.


For me it is as simple as Ather = Tesla Scooter :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Since I can’t afford a Tesla car as of now, Ather is way to go for me. Now please don’t ask me why I love Tesla. Search youtube instead :crazy_face:. Hope Ather will go for a electric car one day to full fill my wish :innocent::heart_eyes:


Hi bro,

I got installed my Solar charging for my Ather scooter and other House uses. Loom solar Offgrid DC module panels of 3x350W and 2KW hybrid Ups with 2x150ah batteries. I get more than 5units on Sunny days, average of 3units daily. Very useful in EB bill reducing and eco friendly life :grin: