Virar - Neral - 113 KM on Gen 2 450x with pillion

Last year we made the same journey on Jupiter because I doubted whether we will be able to reach there or not, and there was only one charging point at Ulhasnagar, other points like Bolt were also less. Now after a year, the charging infrastructure is improved, I have done many long rides, and I am confident about how much range I can squeeze out of it.

Many people still don’t understand the efficiency game, they think it’s related to the modes, but actually, it’s related to your riding style.

‘Irrespective of modes, if you ride efficiently you’ll get good range.’

So if you ride efficiently, few Warps, cruise in between, use regen to slow down, you can get the range of Eco in Warp as well. Conversely, if you ride aggressively in Eco mode you’ll still get a low range.

Check your Wh/km in the efficiency stats. Ideally, it should be 30 Wh/km or below.

When I am in the city I always use Sports because it has enough power and slow* initial pickup compared to Warp to for riding in the traffic. And when I am on the highway I always ride in Warp so that I always have the quick pickup handy whenever I need it.

The total weight of 2 people and some luggage was around 113kg. The efficiency I was aiming for was not more than 35wh/km, that’s why all the photos I clicked are while in Sports mode, I should be able to get that range easily.

My Series 1 450x is 2 years old at this point and has covered 18k+ km. The Ulhasnagar charging point is not there anymore but we have grids in Thane and in Padlegaon near Shilphata. So I started planning the route accordingly.

This is the planned route.

We started our journey from Virar at 8:34 AM

Had breakfast and then went to Thane SC for charging.

Here are the ride stats for the same,

The next stop was very close ~20 km.

Charged up to 90% at Hotel Kokan Ratna. That 10% after 80 took soooo much time, but had to do it, to reach without charging anywhere else. This was the last grid on the route.

After 20 km, we stopped to get lunch at Prasad Food Divine, Badlapur

Then the final stretch of the journey,

Quick stop to get the sweetest sugarcane juice I ever had.

Reached with 20km range left in Sports.

Or max that can be achieved is 23km.

And return journey on the next day. As I expected, I got ≤35 wh/km efficiency with good speed on the highway and bad road patches at the end.

Thank you all for reading till the last. I have seen many people documenting their journey here so I thought, ‘why not?’ I hope these kind of posts will help change the mind of the people who say, ‘Range is too less.’ ‘Long journeys are not possible on EVs.’

They are possible, just needs a bit of planning. :wink:


Very nice. Thanks for sharing (y)

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Also, Wings of power really helped in this ride.

When they removed Real time efficiency indicator, even I thought Wings of power won’t be that useful. But as it shows realtime power usage, based on road condition you can adjust your throttle input to keep it efficient.

What I did in the last stretch is, not let the bar go over the bottom part of the wings.

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You charge too many times

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It wasn’t supposed to be one charge ride, was it?