Vehicle RC

RC card not received yet, vehicle delivered on 2nd June 2019, Koramangala RTO, who all have not received RC card despite 3 months? @Ather.Team, who should we contact to get some info on the RC cards, it’s been quite long wait.


I haven’t gotten my RC card either. I think mine is through electronic city RTO. How do we get to know the status.

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Ather team can reply on it

Same here. Called customer support and was asked to go to the eCity RTO to follow-up☹️

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I haven’t got mine too. Took the delivery on June 21st. Depending on Digilocker for RC. Let it come whenever it wants.


I got mine after 3 months. KA 51 registration.

I took delivery of the scooter on July 7th and called Ather regarding the RC cars as well. I was advised to go to Electronic City RTO (KA-51 registration) and ask for it. Ather cannot do anything about the RC card as it is the responsibility of the RTO and us to receive it.

I second Anagh…RC issued via Digilocker is valid. I too am relying on the e-copy. I will not pay a penny for receiving it in original. I will follow up with the RTO if I don’t receive it in 6months

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I received my RC card today… My vehicle registration on 11/06/2019

Received mine too. The envelope had the IBC park address as the sender’s address

Received my RC today through registered post from Ather’s IBC office.
Registration date: 14/06/2019
Vehicle delivery date: 16/06/2019

Received RC today morning from Ather Energy.

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@Ather.Team, can you please let me know RC status?

I received my RC yesterday as well from Ather. I’m glad I opted for the standard KA 51 electronic city registration. Hassle free

You shouldn’t be really glad about it. Ather hasn’t given us the flexibility to get our scooters registered wherever WE want. I wanted 02/04 and they said they don’t do it there. Though I could have done it by myself, I didn’t want to run around the RTO and do all paperwork manually. By now they should have had their agents in all the RTOs and should have streamlined the process of registration.

I received my RC today. Registration and delivery was in the first week of July.

I got my vehicle in July. At that point of time, they were registering it in few other RTO’s on the customer’s request (e.g. KA 05 Jayanagar). I believe its better to opt for the default RTO that they deal with as the registration process is generally faster. Besides we will rarely ever have to visit the RTO.


That’s great to hear ! I received the vehicle on the 7th of July and I still haven’t received the RC card.

Posting below post for Ather Team’s attention from one of the Ather Owner who is not regular in the forum.

This Owner had taken delivery 3 months back, however till last week he did not get his RC. Instead of checking at Ather Customer Care, he decided to check at RTO office (KA 51) directly. When he went to RTO office, he was happy to see his RC there. Answer given to him by RTO official for not sending by post is "Dealer did not give us self addressed envelope"

Proactive follow up is needed from the dealer/agent to check the status of RC to ensure Ather Customer happy.


Sir, even I haven’t received my RC, vehicle registered in June, 2019 at KA 51