Upgrading your Ather 450 to 4G LTE

I enquired about my 450s 4g upgrade and they said the module is out of stock , it will be available only after 2 weeks, did they installed so many?

Mine was upgraded a week ago and haven’t had a chance to take it out much. Took a weekend alongwith addressing other service related items, while I heard from others that it took about a day for the 4G upgrade alone.

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Hi Praveen,

Greetings from Ather Energy!

We have logged your request for the 4G upgrade and will be prioritizing the same. We are expecting the stock of the 4G modules in a week or two and we will get in touch with you and arrange a doorstep technician’s visit for installation of the module.

Feel free to reopen the ticket in case your requirement is not met.

Good evening!



This is the mail I got, A day for Installation? how will they upgrade at the doorstep :thinking:

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In Chennai they haven’t yet started the 4g upgrade. All they have installed are at Bengaluru.

The first few who get the upgrade have their vehicle taken to the service center. I guess to ensure that the upgrade goes smoothly. For the majority of us who follow the first batch, it will be doorstep.

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Yep, the first few, we’re installing for those who’ve already raised an existing service request and have requested for the 4G ugprade as well. This is to iron out the installation process, so we can do it at doorstep for all of you.

Ah so it’s getting clubbed with other service requests? I just had my vehicle returned a few days ago, ought to have raised the 4g upgrade request back then.

Okay, this makes sense why no one in Chennai got any upgrade.

Just need to take out a survey on how does the 4G upgrade go out, If it can be done at the doorstep we can take some pictures and see what actually got upgraded since the system is waterproof sealed and all that remains is a MicroUSB port

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@abhishek.balaji it’s end of July now and I still haven’t received a mail from ather for an upgrade to 4g. I was one of the first few who opted for 4g upgradation and still no news on this? With the currect pace of upgradation for scooters even 5G will be outdated and we will be in 6G period

Even I enquired they said Chennai has not received even 1 module till date, In the last meet thay said it will be the first thing done after lockdown, a month has passed and yet nothing has happened

Its happening finally, Check your mail.

@abhishek.balaji Hi Abhishek, the new communication regarding 4g upgrade for the 450 mentions that its going to cost Rs. 2500 (inclusive of GST).

I’ve paid Rs. 2950/- just about 20 days back for the same, why am I being punished for being an enthusiastic supporter of Ather? and how would you remedy this situation?

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I booked the minute I got the mail my appointment is on 4th let see how it goes

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Thats great, let us know your experience.

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:man_facepalming: :man_shrugging: Don’t really know what else to say!

@abhishek.balaji can we pay for the upgrade via gpay or is it mandatory cash to be given to the service agent who will be visiting my home?

@abhishek.balaji can we get an option to pay for 4G dongle and Portable Charger using ather credits. It was promised that we can use credits for subscriptions, accessories and merchandise when launched

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I made payment via Credit Card. Ask for the service personnel to carry the card swipe machine.

No one came till 3.45 pm, I had to call the CC to know the status, They said there is a delay from their side but no one informed me about it, now the appointment is pushed to 5th at 11 am, this is already looking delayed experience