Updates and new features

OTA pushed to all the vehicles or getting done in phases as I have not received any notification so far.

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Scroll down in settings page…

Niether did I get

Has anyone noticed a degradation in the 3g signal after the latest update? Seems to have become worse for me since last night.

One small but very practical question that I had in mind but never asked and all of a sudden when you mentioned 3G strength I just remembered was…
Why has Ather not used the most latest 4G connectivity option and rather gone with previous generation 3G???
Any inputs from @Ather.Team or fellow group members would be highly appreciated!

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Let me guess :thinking:…it’s a mass OTA update event happening :grinning:


how did they manage to put charging for all those flights to update

Ather parking had around 30 charging points went I saw 2 weeks back…

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Not only outside, but inside too! :smiley:


Loved the second pic a lot… Feels magical :heart_eyes:


Data transmission requirements may not have required 4g speeds, and I am pretty sure that integrating a 4g transceiver would have been more expensive.

my guess too ** cost! **

I really doubt hardware cost had anything to do with it.

I have no idea what lead to the decision to use 3G(Cheaper plans from their telecom provider, lower battery consumption?).
For all we know the hardware might have 4G support but it’s disabled for now.

In any case, Ather must revisit their tech and use 4G capable device moving forward. Else the users will unnecessarily have a bad experience on slow and uncertain 3G network.

What are your thoughts on this @Shreyas?


Nope. This was confirmed during the owners meet. The device is not 4g compatible.

Hi Shreyas it has been a long wait for my OTA update, as this is my second instance where my bike is connected to home charging point and my bike is parked outside with good network connection. Is the OTA update dependent on any other factors apart from 3G connectivity?

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This is amazing :heart_eyes:

Absolutely not. 4g modems have become very cheap now. And efficient too. They don’t drain battery like before.


Another thing what I have noticed is, most of the towers in Bangalore have become 4G towers. so if you are having a basic phone with 2G or old 3G, the signal is lower than 4G phones.

Friday night: scooter was on charge via Point. Network strength not great there…nothing downloaded.
Yesterday afternoon had switched on scooter at another place with good network but without charging for 2 hours…nothing downloaded.
Today have put it on charge using Cable at another place with good network strength…hopefully the updates get downloaded today


Wow thanks. Ather should revisit their UI for scrolling ok the dashbaord. One would have never guessed that you need to scroll down without a scroll bar or some indicator that there is more content below

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