Update on FAME II guidelines and chargers

Hey folks,

There’s been conversations regarding the FAME II policy, we’re elaborating how this impacts existing customers and new purchases.

High performance and connected scooters are a totally new category. The concept of fast charging, Home Chargers, interactive displays and connected scooters, Over the Air updates etc. came into the industry with the introduction of the Ather 450 in 2018. Understandably a lot of regulations around a product like this have been continuously evolving with a view to reducing ambiguity - charging being one of them.

Over the past couple of months, we’ve been in talks with the Ministry of Heavy Industries (MHI) on bundling chargers with the purchase of an EV scooter. While there is no legal compliance requirement to bundle chargers, after discussions with MHI and in the larger interest to further the EV ecosystem, we recently made the change to bundle the charger with the purchase of an Ather scooter.

To be fair to earlier customers, if you’ve got your scooter invoiced before 12 April 2023, you may be eligible for a refund of the invoiced amount of the charger. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be reaching out directly to those eligible on the process to claim this refund.

Our goals have always been the same as those of FAME II - to encourage faster adoption of EVs, and to maximize customers’ experience by providing the best possible product available. We stay committed to that. We appreciate the open and constructive discussion with MHI over the last couple of weeks, and will continue to work closely with them to fast-track the adoption of EVs in the country.


450 owners get ready

You will get nothing as we got a charger for free and were billed initially for 1 Re so don’t expect anything. if not then you will get a refund. as I think some owners got billed for 5000.

450x and plus owners will be eligible for the refund based on what was billed in the invoice from 5000 to 20000.


from ? to 12-04-2023. (My 450x was invoiced 18 Mar 2023)


how hard is it to understand a simple sentence? when it says ‘invoiced before 12th April 2023’ it literally means that you will be covered as your invoice is 18th March 2023. Did you really have to ask that question?


What about the software cost… Any update?


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I don’t think so, As they are refunding right now to compliance of the MHI to refund on for chargers.


Some people bought scooters without a charger, and then later on bought the charger separately. those people will be exempted.


Those who sold the scooters might not be eligible too. Those people who bought 2nd hand Athers will not be eligible. Those who have had on Lease might not be eligible. That’s all I can think about.


It says "May be eligible for invoiced value of charger " !! Emphasis on the word “May”

Need more clarity…


Please refer to what Parveen said


haha, that’s true. Then, there is nothing about fair / unfair. :smiley:

It is mostly about compliance and following the same path of Ola (and other OEMs) to avoid lot of noise from customers.


Fame II came in on 1st April 2019, so only after that . The issue seems to be about the bundled cost exceeding the Rs 1.5L cap for subsidy eligibility, so then only to invoices which would exceed that ? Or is it about 50% indigenous “content” in the charger, IDK but am curious to see how this unfolds

hold on to the snark maybe before reading it as from the very beginning of Ather time.


My Vehicle invoice date and charger invoice date is different because dealer delivered my charger next day of delivery…so it will be a problem for me?


No Snarking but Auto response on the comment. Read Guildlines for further details on it.

Yes, Ather initially sold 1000s of scooters with free chargers. as they wanted to develop a Market and they have succeeded. but on the way their NEWER members became greedy and wanted to make more money on the go.

No, it won’t be, as long as both the scooter and charger are billed before 12th April 2023.

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Finally a good news for those who demanded concession for paying extras


No intention of offending you, I’m just stating the obvious. Feel free to ask other questions on the forum that are relevant to the topic.


I think it would only be for variants that went above the 1.5L price cap


In short, government caught us with our hand in cookie jar. So we are sawwy😢