Update on backward compatibility of ESS

Hey folks!

We’re happy to announce that the Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) feature is now available on your Ather Scooter! In a panic-braking situation, ESS engages automatically and alerts the people around you by activating the rapid blinking of the tail lamp.

This feature has been released to Gen 2 (X and Plus), Gen 3 (X and Plus), and Gen 3.6 (Pro Pack) users.

It is being rolled out and should get activated on your scooter over the next few days.


This is a BIG WIN ! THANKS TEAM :crown:

Pls give Cruise Control Ess is very good but you can use blinking light when Ather is on Cruise Control


Dude, what :sweat_smile:

ESS is completely different from CC. ESS is Emergency Stop Signal which will blink brake light vigorously under hard braking.

Cruise control don’t need ESS. Anyways they have mentioned issues with brake sensor, so I don’t see cruise control coming to our scooters. (I’m willing to be wrong here :joy:)


I have mentioned there Need of Blinking light same when Ess happens not telling to use Ess in Cruise telling them to use same Blinking lights when in Cruise control I know it will not come but giving try let’s hope for the best.

Gen 3.6 when did this happen ??

Is it coming to Gen 3.1 or we are obsolete and forgotten in months :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Understood your query. But just imagine if everyone starts using blinking light as in Hazard lights, then how can someone distinguish if something is wrong with your vehicle. It will lose its meaning.

Hazard lights are there for 1 function, to announce other people on road that there is something wrong with your vehicle. Maybe you’re stopped, stopping or crawling at slow speed.


I got into a crash few months ago cuz I was afraid of being rear ended by a bus. It was when I started cursing for not having ESS in older gens. Now Warp-ing is much safer, knowing the risk of being rear-ended is lower.

I was honestly not expecting it to be done before ACDC’24. Thanks for not waiting for a big event, just to announce this small feature which was already developed just yearning to be released.

Thank you guys for listening to us. A big W for Ather :zap:

A safer Wheee makes for a happier me!


A big W for sure!

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Gen 3.6? is gen getting updated via OTA too?


Buy a Gen 3.1 and get updated to Gen 3.6 via OTA :rofl::rofl:.

PS: above statement is sarcasm.


Now bring Warp+ till 90 and Coasting Regen.

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Hope for other updates tooooooooo niceee

Good update. Thanks team Ather

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If by any chance they give us Coasting Regen, Belt cover and cruise control, I’ll be one of their fan again.


Ye toh hota rahega. Lets celebrate this W :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

:chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar: one bite for everyone

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Trueeee a small win

Yeah in Gen 3.7 Non OTA Version!

Im not able to understand gen 3.6 how latest is 3.1 right.