Update on backward compatibility of ESS

would we know if its enabled (like sometimes dashboard says tap to continue without installing a update) or is it server sided like how fall safe got enabled

My coasting Regen is still going on. Enjoying it as much as i can :joy:


brake light works properly?

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CR is 3x more powerful than twist regen, so if it is weak, your brake switch is faulty.

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I think it is most probably a server side update, they just toggle a switch. Like Autohold and Fallsafe

Yes break light is working normally

Is it? I think coasting regen and old manual regen has same intensity.

I was under the same impression :sweat_smile:, when it got activated on my Ather, i felt similar.

Can someone confirm by turning coasting regen on and off (forced regen), does coasting regen feel stronger? And like how much stronger?

Also my stats are very good.


Damnnnn. Thats nice then congrats :partying_face: open the dashboard and yank out the simcard so it never updates :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I would if i could :joy:

So anyone checked if they got ESS in their gen 2 or 3?

Don’t they have to release an update first? Or is it already in current suite?

How to check if it is working or not working??

they said rolled out but yet no one has posted an update so I guess its enabled via server side

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Just clearing this up. Should be enabled on the scooters already. No OTA download/install necessary and no button to turn it on in the setting menu. It only engages when you are travelling above 50 kmph (need to confirm this number so don’t hold me to it please) and do a sudden, panic braking. If you’re going to test whether it is working or not, please be safe and don’t do it in the middle of a busy street. In case someone hasn’t received it by this weekend, just raise a service ticket via the mobile app or give us a call.


what is the algorithm behind the ESS? How does the system detect whether it’s a normal stop vs Panic braking?

can you share a build number which would have enabled ESS so that we can cross check as this seems to have been already pushed out via ota and and after regulatory approvals you guys just enabled it for all VINs in the server.

Just a marketing manager here so can’t give you a super detailed response:

System measures the scooter speed, amount of force applied on the brakes, and the deceleration of the scooter after braking. If all of these are above a certain threshold, it triggers ESS. Will get details of these threshold values and share it if you’re interested.


you are humble :sweat_smile:

Oh, that would be great. I have been scratching my head about this ESS since it was announced, people on the forum would be interested too.