Transporting the Ather scooter to a different city

do you have any contact in bengalur

yeah i tried but they are not responding properly

Brother train is the best… for transportation, they will bubble wrap the scooter In packing section they charge 530 for bubble wrap, 430 for normal wrap.

Don’t do for lorry transportation. It will get damaged

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Thank you for reply bro can I travel along with bike ? do you know any idea about that bro?

Yes u can, but same packing with extra transportation charges they will add

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Thank you so much bro. Where to go bro? I’m new to Bengaluru…which area and station like that. Tomorrow I’m going to take the delivery of my Ather

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Majestic railway station, because from there is a lot of trains for anantapur

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Had a quite silly doubt , is it possible to put the scooter in the trunk of an suv with 60 40 seats folded down so the whole trunk and back seat are the same level. Will that be possible?

Not really one of my friend transport vehicle to 220 kilo on creta after reaching side pannel is cracked

Ohh what if we bubble wrap it and then do ?

Probably, But the main problem is weight…he laid down the vehicle on one side and due to that, it cracked but my suggestion is if you have tall vehicle it could be easy. Even though I want to transport my Ather and I have Kia Seltos, I’m not going to risk it.

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I saw in some video, someone in Pune did that.

I see. Try dropping them an enquiry on their website and they would get back. I did that and it worked pretty well.

Hey VISHWA railway is the best way to do if the scooter is registered in your or your immediate family members name. that too if possible in a passenger.

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