Transporting the Ather scooter to a different city

Planning to move my Ather 450X to Kanyakumari, checking if any other options than Train or Gati please?

You can check with VRL and Agarwal. Agarwal pricing is on the higher side but they do a very good job I’ve heard.

Hi you can take it in the Train. I did the same . Instead of putting it as parcel , get a train ticket and book the Ather 450x as luggage in the same train in which you are travelling .The Ather will travel along with you. You can do the packing yourself or you can avail the packing services from agents near parcel service( 500₹ ). Try to book in a train which is less famous so that your Ather can utilise the entire luggage area for itself.


Transported Brand New Ather450 after getting delivery from Chennai AEC on 16Jan2020. Brought it completely safe as mine was only one in Parcel Wagon that day (I felt the side stand alone cant withstand in a moving train so parked Ather450 inside wagon using a paddock). Fare was Rs.1181 for distance of 400km. Apart from that it incurred Rs.1000 approx for packing(600) and some demanded mandatory tips(bribe actually :triumph:) starting from RPF at entrance, booking clerk, loading man, agent, etc.,. While loading and unloading it would be better if we are there with porter to instruct them in handling vehicle like where to hold when lifting and where not to. Sometimes they may even lift by holding saree guard, mudguard and registration plate even. Also the Freight Charge in Railways for automobiles is calculated based on IDV value. So if its used vehicle it will be even lesser.