Transporting the Ather scooter to a different city

Hey. Could anyone recommend good and trustworthy company to transport Ather from Bengaluru to Indore,Madhya Pradesh? PS. Cheap and good is the best option :joy:

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My suggestion would be by train bro.

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Yes, I am considering it

Indian Railways insist on empty fuel tank in case of petrol vehicles. Don’t be surprised if they ask to you remove Ather’s battery pack…quite possible.


But that is not possible.

They will not ask you to do that bro. I have already transferred mine and they did not say to remove the battery.

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Oh cool. Can you guide me a bit of how to transport via Railways?

They asked RC Details bro. If you are sending and receiving it then process would be easy.

Works with temporary registration given by Ather? Also details would help like cost, packaging etc etc

Also process

How much did it cost for transportation by train and was it quick or you had to wait for a day.

And the process also

Yes. The vehicle with temporary registration can also be transported.

It’s based upon the distance. For a distance of 350 kms, they charged me 990 Rs which includes insurance for the transit.

Visit the parcel center of the station and get it packed and you need to show them vehicle’s RC. If you are the owner and you are transporting it then the process would be easy.


Okay thank you! Since I am planning to go to BLR directly on the delivery date. And come back the next day because of the situation. Can it be booked online?

No bro. It cannot be booked online.

Oh okay Then Gati would be better. They quoted 4800 for door to door delivery. Would directly get the pick up done from Ather Space and get it delivered to my home.

How much does it cost to ship it from Bangalore to NCR?

I moved to Gurgaon, so it was included with the household stuff that got moved. Not sure what the moving company would have charged individually.

Got a quote for 6,000 from Gati, but didn’t need to go with them eventually.


Its not guaranteed that you will be able to transport by train on the day you want to. This needs advance booking. Please visit the parcel office and take assistance. For instance, my colleague who wanted to transport his scooter was told to wait for three days as the parcel van was booked. He eventually rode to Mysore from Bangalore.

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Oh okay. Then I think going with Gati is a better option.