Translucent body panels

I’m not arguing with you dude. Nor am I saying that it didn’t take an hour and a half for you. Just pointing out that this isn’t exactly a complicated process as it’s made out to be.

Do keep an eye out for dirt coating the inside of the panels.

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There will definitely be a layer of dust, since my old panels after 2300 kms did have the same! So only time will tell, how these hold up!

On a side note - I think the tone of your messages, comes across as offensive, even though its not. Hence the misunderstanding. But no issues, great to clear the air!


Ather collected the vehcile and installed the panels and returned the scooter back with the old panels, I haven’t had a chance to look at it as I wasn’t at home when it was returned, was returned by noon.

Btw I did understand why they would want to take it to service center than doing it your home, one technician visit to home vs doing them all together at service center with required tools and space… I didn’t mind…

I had asked them to check belt tension but not sure if that was done, will get to know after riding

It was meant to be offensive to a certain group of people, but not to you. :slight_smile:

What do you guys think😅


Looks nice! Have you taken the boot bucket out, or its still in there?

Is it a permanent thing or you just kept a light when the panels were beings installed? I don’t see the boot and hence my question. The light can be a little less bright I feel.


It looks nice and funky from right side of which you shared the pictures. (Can be a little less brighter).

But my real question is… How do you feel looking the vehicle in same setup from left side. That is the real question (LEFT LEFT LEFT). Forget what others think but how you feel.


No I haven’t even touched the boot bracket . I’ve just removed the phone holder cover and installed them. It was just a DIY and I used SL 100 Rear LED (RED) Battery-Powered Bike Light from decathlon

No it’s not permanent it can be detached easily


It looks really cool but yet to be tested in the night. I’ll let you know today I might take it out for a night ride :raised_hands::raised_hands:


Looking forward to knowing more and seeing photos. I’m bit thinking of getting this done now.:sweat_smile:

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Just waiting now for ather to integrate the lights on the dashboard with color changing option according to vehicle speed

Would be crazy if it was to be done! :exploding_head:

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I’ll let u guys know by next week I’m just testing it with different types of led colour temperature and found a way for led strip too u guys won’t believe led strip looks really cool! But there’s lot of reflection in the panel but have found a solution to this so let’s see how it turns out.


Looking forward to knowing about it. I also want to get it done.

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Eagerly waiting for it too even the thought of it looks interesting

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Today I have installed LED strip light and in-person it looks really good. Below are some pics taken:


Hello guys. I have transferred my 450X from Ahmedabad to Pune. Anyone knows whom should I contact in order to get the translucent panels?

Your local EC / service team should be the right people.


Contact B U Bhandari. +91 85309 14555