Translucent body panels

When will get our translucent body panels for series1… March is about to end. And no software update aswell, it’s been like 3 months haven’t used Bluetooth enabled support… Watz the use of buying 450x den?


OTA which will enable Bluetooth will be rolled out to all 450x owner’s by end of march that was recently confirmed by @abhishek.balaji. Don’t know about translucent body panels, performance tyre’s,tmps and smart helmet no timeframe nothing.

Bluetooth updates are under testing by group of testers. Panels are expected in May

Any update on translucent body panels for series 1? As promised by ather buy the end of March we should have received the panels… April is about to end…

I am also eagerly waiting!

My best hunch is that this tiny lil’ issue called COVID-19 might have impacted the plans on 3 fronts (at least!):

  1. Unlike an OTA update, this requires physical presence and gathering at a location, which I think is the last thing any company should be proposing, let alone encouraging
  2. Considering the disruption on multiple fronts, there might be a potential impact on its production and procurement of materials
  3. And considering there is a lockdown ongoing anyway for the foreseeable future, the actual usage of Ather on road might be a sliver of what it would be otherwise, so Ather might find better use of their immediate time on addressing issues that might be easier to resolve…

Just my 2 cents; I’ll let Abhishek or someone from the Ather team give out some solid timelines :slight_smile:


They should use this time to enable smart remote charging which includes:

  • start & stop charging via the app
  • schedule charging
  • allow users to select how much to charge (like a slider in Tesla)

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We are in mid May, any updates on translucent panels?

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When we will get an series 1 translucent panels in chennai?

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It should be delayed now I guess because of the lockdown.



So so so beautiful. :heart_eyes::fire::100::zap::motor_scooter:

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Got mail today👍🏻 I appreciate and my respect for ather has gone up. Thanks for keeping your word.