DIY - Adding Accent lighting to Translucent Panels

I’m planing to install RGB pixel led lights on body frame inside the translucent pannels.

Control from mobile app ( Android) or web portal (local ip) over wifi.

Powered by 5v power bank.

Any ideas?


I have a suggestion. Check out some bicycle LED lights incase you want to play with only one colour - red. Its much easily attachable, and takes just one AA battery. No need for a power bank. Has two functions - steady light and continuous blinking

Pros -

  • Cuts down all complications of power bank
  • Will be a good and cheaper fix, incase things don’t go your way.
  • illuminating the frame red would definitely look beautiful, in my opinion.

Cons which I can think off :

  • Switching it on/off will be slightly tedious and lame.
  • chances of it falling off, if not secured well.
  • batteries need to be changed if used very often

Attaching a few images of my bicycle light :

Very easy to do I’d say. Take the wire out from the side cubby hole rubber cover by making a simple hole in it. The powerbank can also be kept in the same cubby hole. As it’s inside the boot, it’s safe as well.

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I will share a graphic video of what I’m going to do

If ather won’t void warranty, we can do this

View in full screen

Design can be changed and We can place LEDs as we like.

This is a computer generated mockup. The real version will be more awesome :metal:.


Ah ok! Looks great! I am going to try something like this - mclaren 720s inspired. Steady red light in the engine compartment


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We can use an accelerometer to sence the speed and animate designs accordingly

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I am trying to do the same! Trying to design a PCB and install it when they install the panel. Probably trying to figure out how can I pull the positive and negative wires to have a small solar above the number plate. If not battery can be placed there itself. Working with a module which works on 3.3v and Can be integrated with the App. Let’s see how this side project goes!


We can use an esp01 module to do this.

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Yup! Esp!. The lights can be controlled via bluetooth can can have our control! I am just thinking if solar module which can power up. I am not interested in only battery powered. As the time goes we will be lazy to not charge the battery!

You just need 5V ARGB led strips and a controller of it, everything can run on a 5v power bank

If you are really into electronics, then and do not mind the warranty, then you can take a 9v line which is available from taillights connect a step down to 5v, and add 2 sets of controllers to Arduino controller with WI-FI module, you will need to write coding and can write the exact codes to which you have shown in your video.

Also if you add them you can add the left and right flashing code when turn signals are engaged with an orange colour, and red colour when you apply the brakes, it will be so cool, and RGB effects when the scooter is running


A small controller like this could do the job.


Here is the Link for basic A-RGB light control via Arduino Board


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Is it outside the panel?


Seems to be the case. You can see the wire at the top left and the battery pack sitting on the rear seat.

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This is the strip I have bought, Now searching for panels, @abhishek.balaji will you help me out?


Even I am waiting for mine. The research on the DIY panels had begun. Just need to explore the lights which one to get and how to do it ( pretty bad at craft work) and don’t want to void warranty. Decathlon light seems good but just need to check it out in person. I spoke to the City manager on 29th September,he told the order had been placed on the same day for 10 sets and he’ll update once they get it. Still waiting for that. I am in habit of waiting now so no rush :joy:. CS and the team’s response time is sluggish.

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Are these 5v? Run from power bank? Remote control? Send link…


I bought from Richie street here in Mount Road Chennai, any Addressable LED controllers will work I’m trying to write a program on a audrino but already burned 1 board and couldn’t find time to write again